Adults with special needs

Adults with Special Needs

Oral health advice follows the same guidelines given on the Adults page. However special consideration needs to be given to the following:

Toothbrushing needs to be carried out twice daily. Some adults may need help to effectively remove the plaque. Toothbrushes can be adapted to assist clients who find it difficult to hold a brush, or electric tooth brushes may make it a little easier. Family and carers must ensure that the heads are changed when worn and that the brush is fully charged.

Regular dental check-ups are important and the dentist can provide specific advice for each individual client. Some clients need to be seen more frequently because they need more regular scaling and polishing or do not tolerate treatment very well. The dentist can provide an oral health care plan which can be of help at home.

Family and carers should seek dietary advice to allow them to help an adult with special needs to make healthy choices. This will be important when people are food shopping and for people providing respite care.

Sugars in medicines can cause tooth decay. Some adults with special needs may require large amounts of medication for a long period. Nearly all medicines, both prescription and over the counter, are available in sugar free form. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about these.