Nutrition Support Team

In response to coronavirus, this service has made some changes – for updated service information click here.

The Community Nutrition Support Dietetic team work across Liverpool and have good links with the City's Secondary Care Settings, enabling collaborative working.This ensures smooth patient care across all healthcare settings and allows clinical expertise to be maintained. Dietetic Assistants are an important part of our team, providing an on-going review service for our nursing home patients.

Our client group are adults who require all forms of nutrition support from fortified diet to enteral feeds. 

Specific Services the Nutrition Support Team provide: 

  • Advice and guidance for patients who have difficulty gaining/maintaining weight, either at their homes or in clinics
  • Specialist advice for patients who are artificially fed via a tube into their stomach
  • Dietary advice for patients with long term conditions such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Coeliac disease and diabetes
  • Group educational talks on COPD
  • Provide education to community nurses on Nutrition and Wound Healing
  • Specialist advice and guidance on the use of nutritional supplements to aid weight gain.

Adult patients discharged home on enteral feeding will be managed by the specialist Home Enteral Feeding (HEF) Dietitians. Paediatric patients are managed by the Dietetic Department at Alder Hey Hospital.

Training for District Nurses and Nursing Homes is delivered, as required, by the Abbott Nurse Advisor or HEF Dietitian.

The Nutrition Support Team can be contacted on 0151 295 9700

Patients with swallowing difficulties are at risk of becoming nutritionally compromised.  It is important these patients are referred to the Speech and Language Therapist for a swallowing assessment as soon as problems are identified.

When the suitable consistency of foods and fluids has been recommended, the Dietitian can then give advice on suitable dietary intervention. Patients may require food fortification and/or nutritional supplements of the correct consistency in order to prevent weight loss, ensure an adequate nutritional intake and reduce the risk of aspiration.

Dietetic Assistants

There are currently four Dietetic Assistants working as part of the Community Nutrition Support team. Each dietetic assistant has a caseload of Care Homes in their allocated GP consortium. They support the dietitians by completing assessments and carrying out reviews of patients in their consortia. A weekly handover takes place with a dietitian where all service users that have been reviewed are discussed.