Equipment Specialist Team (EST)

Due to changing needs and equipment demands across Liverpool, the Community Equipment Nurse Specialist (CENS) Team and Manual Handling Team have merged into one to form a new team - the ‘Equipment Specialist Team’(EST). 

The aim of the team is to enable service users to remain within their home, with the correct equipment to meet their individual needs.  The Equipment Specialist Team provides support to Health and Social Care professionals to enable them to deliver best practise, maintain patient safety and reduce patient harm through advice, signposting, assessment and training.

We specialise in pressure care equipment, bed and bed safety, transfer aids and specialist equipment.  We provide advice and support on equipment and safe manual handling techniques.

Telephone advice may be given to support the healthcare professional to undertake the required assessment and complete a special equipment panel application if required for none standard stock items.  Assessment for specialist equipment should be undertaken by the healthcare professional and the service user before applying through special panel – this will ensure the suitability of the equipment before purchase.  A full clinical assessment may be undertaken by the EST once all standard stock items have already been tried and/or the healthcare professional requires additional support to complete the assessment. 

The EST also undertake reviews of pressure care equipment for the most vulnerable patients across Liverpool, whom are at high risk and are unable to manage their own care with regards skin and equipment checks.  All equipment ordered must be reviewed by the prescriber and only referred to the EST if ongoing support is required.  Referral forms and criteria can be accessed on SIRS (CEDAS, Equipment Specialist Team)

This service supports both adults and children across Liverpool. Our work can help to reduce hospital admissions and support patients to remain in their preferred place of care.

The long term aim of the team is to provide information sessions on equipment to enhance the skills and knowledge of the prescriber.  This supports the Healthcare Professional to assess for and order the safest and most appropriate piece of equipment in the shortest patient journey possible, without the need for numerous referrals and/or assessments from numerous teams.

Further information on the team’s aims, objectives, criteria and contact details can be found on SIRS (CEDAS, Equipment Specialist Team)   

For referrals please email

Telephone: 0151 296 7736

Fax: 0151 296 7749

Hours: 08:30-16:30 Monday to Friday