Abacus Counselling

What We Do

Our service is free, confidential and available to men and women of all ages. Our aim is to provide you with advice, counselling and information on all aspects of your sexual health. We can provide all methods of reversible contraception, some screening for sexually transmitted infections and advice about unplanned pregnancy.

Counselling Provided by Abacus Clinics

  • Pregnancy referral for abortion
  • Psychosexual counselling                                                    
  • Advice on sexual problems and referral for counselling.

You will need an appointment.


Attend any of the listed Abacus Clinics where you can be seen by one of our clinicians and referred on to the appropriate services. 

If you are coming for a pregnancy test (free of charge), we prefer an early morning sample of urine, as random specimens may not give a true result.

Contact the Appointment Clerk Abacus: 0151 247 6555 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)