Supporting your whole family

When we are caring for you or someone from your family we'll help support your whole family; from children and grandchildren to nieces and nephews and other young people, so they have the most positive experience of childhood possible. We also ask them for their views when we are planning your care.

When a young person experiences challenges because of their situation, we work with other agencies, with the child’s school, the family social worker or other organisations already involved with the family.

We do this in partnership with Barnardo's Keeping the Family in Mind collaborative and Action with Young Carers Liverpool, we call it the Whole Family approach.

Have your visit in one of our family rooms

When you come into one of our inpatient wards you'll be able to visit your family in one of our family rooms, away from the ward. They're homely and welcoming with toys and comfy seats.


To find out more about our family rooms and how we support families contact:

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