Therapeutic Day Service

The PD Hub Therapeutic Day Service is specifically designed for those with a personality disorder and looks to address common issues that those with this diagnosis may experience. This may include a lack of motivation, difficulty engaging in a structured and balanced routine, problems with social interaction, having trouble developing positive relationships, and the ineffective regulation of emotions.


The day service consists of a structured weekly programme of therapeutic activities that aim to promote health, wellbeing and recovery. This has been developed and managed alongside service users in order to ensure the provision of a service that involves those central to it. Activities and groups on offer focus on providing a balance of occupations that enable skill development and encourage independence in relation to managing distress, engaging in positive roles and a balanced lifestyle, and forming healthy relationships with others. Examples of interventions include creative therapies, wellbeing groups, informal social groups, community based groups and sensory strategies.


Through engaging in activity, service users can develop a sense of identity, understand themselves and their abilities, develop interests and a sense of purpose, and learn new skills and coping strategies to deal effectively with everyday life. The ultimate aim of the service is to provide an environment where service users feel safe and supported, so that they feel able to overcome challenges that may await them on the road to recovery.