Mersey Forensic Psychiatry Service

The service provides 24 hour specialised assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and after-care for people from Merseyside Cheshire who are mentally ill and who are in the criminal justice system. 

People are referred to our service by the Courts, local authorities, probation services, other health professionals., or their local authority.

The treatment, rehabilitation and re-socialisation we provide either in Scott Clinic in St. Helens, or in the community, aims to prepare the person either for transfer to an open ward or for life in the community.

Individual care is offered in a therapeutic environment under varying degrees of security according to the patient’s progress. After the patient leaves our care we continue to work with agencies such as Probation Services, Social Services, the patient’s family and hostel staff. We also provide professional assessments include reports to the Home Office and to the Courts. 

Tel:  0151 430 6300