Early intervention service

Early intervention service

Getting help early gives someone experiencing psychosis the best chance of getting better more quickly. Our early intervention teams work with young people between the ages of 14 and 35. We support young people between 14 and 35 who are thought to be experiencing their first episode of psychosis, and those who appear to be at increased risk of developing psychosis.

Our aim is to support young people and their families through the experience and to get people back to where they want to be. We offer a space to talk and understand what is happening to them. We can, help manage stress and build confidence. We can advise on medication and practical issues such as education, employment, housing and benefits. 

Our teams include mental health practitioners who are from mental health nursing, social work or occupational therapy back grounds, psychiatrists, psychologists and pharmacy.

We offer three programmes of treatment; people who have clearly had a psychotic episode are taken on for up to three years; those who appear to be at increased risk of developing psychosis are taken on for up to one year. Where we are uncertain what the presenting problem is after a detailed assessment, the person will be supported for six months, while a more detailed multi-disciplinary assessment is carried out.

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