Ashworth High Secure Hospital

Ashworth Hospital is one of only three hospitals in the country providing services for patients who require treatment and care in conditions of high security. Our vision is to be a centre of excellence for high secure care, providing a recovery focused environment for patients and staff. 

The majority of our patients come from the North West, West Midlands or Wales. Patients are admitted in a range of ways but all come because they present a grave danger to themselves and or other people. The majority come either come from prison, or through the court system or from a secure unit.

Some patients stay at the hospital for a short period while others stay for longer. Patients remain in the high secure service until they are safe and well enough to move to a medium secure or other unit.

We care for up to 228 patients in 14 single storey semi-detached wards. Our wards are arranged in clusters around wide open green areas and each ward has its own garden. 

Each of our wards provides a specific type of specialised treatment and care and patients with similar conditions are usually grouped together based both on security and clinical needs. 

Care is provided by consultant led multi-disciplinary teams using the care programme approach. This ensures each patient has his own specialist team of professional staff to tailor make a treatment and care package. 

The aim is to ensure the right treatment is provided at the appropriate time and that the length of time in Ashworth Hospital is kept to a minimum. 


Ashworth Hospital,                                                            Parkbourn, Maghull, Liverpool, L31 1HW 
Telephone: 0151 473 0303