Real Life Stories

Andy Davies brain injury and community service user and wife Heather

Relative Values

04 October 2019
Andy and Heather Davies draw on their shared emotional bonds tenacity... and poetry
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Eating Disorder

20 November 2017
At 55, Tony Brown knows about the pain of binge eating through depression and talks to us about the toll it's taken on his mind and body.


23 October 2017
Twins John Paul and Kevin Cubbin are like peas in a pod. JP’s stutter is barely noticeable. But before he sought help at 22 it blighted both their lives.
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07 July 2017
Journalist Mike Spencer lost his wife BBC executive producer Katy Jones suddenly two years ago. He shares his experience.


10 May 2017
He was a well respected session musician in the 80’s. His music is still his life. So for Tony hearing the news that he had dementia was too much to bear.
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Alcohol Addiction

05 May 2017
Jayne and Denise discuss their long term battles with alcohol addiction and how after rehabilitation they're supporting other women with an addiction


24 March 2017
NHS volunteer Danny Ward talks frankly about the desperation of depression, soppy films…and how life often mimics reality television.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

24 March 2017
Telling people’s stories through theatre comes naturally to Anthony Richardson. With a Masters in Creative practice he’s writer, director and cast member – the one story he’s never told was his own.


24 March 2017
Anastasia has a box in her wardrobe. In it are pieces of rubbish she picked up off the road at a time in her life when during an episode of psychosis she believed every scrap on every pavement was a message sent to guide her. “I thought I was the last cell on earth and I had vital information."
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Prescription Drug Abuse

03 March 2017
Businesswoman Natalie became hooked on painkillers after being prescribed cocodamol for a dental health problem. Four doses a day turned into eight and Natalie would go from one pharmacy to the next buying top up supplies.