Enter the Dragon

They’re all in the same boat – and there’s nowhere to hide. Dragon boat racing is for team players only and the Mersey Care team is going for gold in this year’s world corporate games.

What began as a bit of fun has become an attempt to become winners.

The team, funded by the Trust, is taking on tough opposition in a bid to beat its previous fourth place.

Team Captain Lynda Nunnen explains: "Everyone's on different shifts so training can be difficult but we are all determined to beat our rivals in competitions this season – even the all male teams!”

What’s the secret to dragon boat success? We’re on the same wavelength, we have to be, it’s a tough sport. Even a short race that lasts two minutes feels a long way when you are paddling fast and hard. We have to be in sync, focused and working as one. If one of us is out of stroke the drummer makes the call to get everybody back in sync on the same stroke. At the beginning of the race we have to be ready for the call, the control and timing required is tremendous. Like any team if you all help each other you get results and the sense of achievement is amazing.”

Did you know?

Dragon boat racing has ancient Chinese origins and its history has been traced back more than 2000 years. The sport involves teams of up to 20 paddlers in a 40 foot boat with a drummer and helm, paddling frantically to beat the other teams down the course. The drums, shouting and colourful boats make it an impressive and exciting sport both to watch and to compete in.