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The Carers' Friend

07 August 2017
If you’re a carer looking for someone to speak up for you Mersey Care Governor Hilary Tetlow’s credentials would be hard to beat.

The Perfect Storm

28 July 2017
It’s hard to tell someone you’re hearing voices. And no wonder. Psychosis, as it’s known, doesn’t generally get a good press.

What is Depression?

28 July 2017
What is Depression? We ask psychologist Sheila Hamilton to explain the vicious cycle and how to break it.
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Because we're all human

14 July 2017
We talk about Mersey Care's commitment to building a just culture and the important of staff being able to speak up.

A Loss Like No Other

07 July 2017
In our latest article, we look at the impact of bereavement, the melting pot of emotions as time goes by, and how life goes on because it has to...

Enter the Dragon

18 May 2017
They’re all in the same boat – and there’s nowhere to hide. Dragon boat racing is for team players only and the Mersey Care team is going for gold in this year’s world corporate games.

Pay Attention

16 May 2017
Rory Bremner talks to us about living with ADHD, why he’s in good company – and the secrets behind his Strictly dance moves.

Life Through a Lens

10 May 2017
The world can look very different through the eyes of someone with dementia - to help us understand, four members of a service user dementia network group in Liverpool shared their perception with photographer Tadgh Devlin

Pole Position

09 May 2017
It’s walking…but not as we know it. Nordic walking sounds far too energetic for its own good. But although it’s used as a summer training regime for cross-country skiers, it’s actually is no harder on the joints than ordinary walking.

What Does An Addict Look Like?

05 May 2017
Consultant psychiatrist Dr Yasir Abbasi explains why people become addicts, the new generation of psychoactive substances and how addiction services are helping people put their lives back together.