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A Different Corner

20 November 2017
People with a learning disability can be drawn in by others, coerced into committing crime. They can easily end up in prison.

The Voice of the Child

20 November 2017
When a family is affected by a mental health or substance misuse issue, who listens to the child? We talk to the nurse who supports families to get better.

I needed to laugh again

20 November 2017
There’s an old proverb: ‘What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.’ We visit a course that’s helping people laugh again.

Eating Disorders Explored

20 November 2017
Liverpool and Sefton eating disorder service offers psychological support for a range of disorders and weight management and surgery.

Men get eating disorders too

20 November 2017
It’s thought that one in every four people in the UK with an eating disorder is a man. That’s roughly 400,000 men a year. Yet only one in 12 seek help.

In conversation with Matt Ashton

20 November 2017
We talk to the man whose job is to keep more than 420,000 people across Knowsley and Sefton healthy and happy.

I felt out of my depth at university

20 November 2017
Third year student Charlotte told us about her fresher experience, and why she urges people to talk to someone if they need support.

Doing it for my mum

23 October 2017
Media Company Managing Director Jayne Moore talks about being a public governor for Mersey Care.
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Supportive Observation Practices

09 October 2017
This web page contains some of the materials developed as part of a project exploring supportive observation practices at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, as discussed at the 30 day NHSi Mental Health Collaborative event in Birmingham on 13 September 2017.

Introducing... Physical Health Services

07 August 2017
If you live in South Sefton your physical health services, previously provided by Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust are now being offered by us.