Looking to the future


I mentioned last week that there will be regular updates when we have them in the build up to the inspection of our services by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) next month.

Many of you will remember what it was like from the last inspection two years ago and I’d like to stress again that this is not something to be feared, but instead looked on as an opportunity to tell your stories. We don’t often get the chance to tell the world what we do, but this is the time to shout about the innovation, dedication and commitment to improving mental health care standards.

I’d like the CQC to know what a compassionate, caring and hard-working staff we have here at Mersey Care and the great job you all do, which is particularly impressive given the increase in acuity and demand that all sectors of the NHS are facing.


Just Culture

The introduction of ‘Just Culture’ into this organisation has been a regular topic of this blog and was the main focus of several mega conversation meetings last month. I’ve already given you a little feedback from those sessions, but the one thing that has definitely come through has been the level of enthusiasm and constructive criticism, which is great to hear.

There was plenty of open debate and serious dialogue and we are now putting all that together to see how best we move forward as an organisation. Based on your feedback, we have already decided to rename it to “Fair and Just Culture”, which most of you thought was a better descriptive name for what we are trying to achieve.

We have also decided to keep working alongside Captain Mike Davidson, the airline pilot who has great experience of working with a Fair and Just Culture within the airline industry. He is able to advise us on this with his depth of knowledge and identify any pitfalls on the way to implementing it within this organisation.



I’d like to offer my congratulations to Cath Green, who attended her first Mersey Care Board meeting this week as our new non-executive director. Cath brings a wealth of experience in the housing sector to our Board and is currently chief executive of First Choice Homes, an Oldham based company that manage social rented homes.



Friends and Family Test

Those of you who read this blog regularly will know that as a trust we value the views of staff extremely highly and it is only be hearing your views that we can make changes to improve our standards of care. I’ve already written about the recent Mega Conversations and next week the next instalment of the NHS Staff Friends and Family Test begins.

This short survey goes out to all NHS employees and asks two simple questions; whether you would recommend Mersey Care as a place to work or as a place for your friends and family to receive treatment. The Board take your responses to these questions very seriously and I would like to urge everyone to take a few minutes to complete the survey in the next two weeks.