In Mind: Staff involvement in decision making and anti bullying week are the main topics of this week's blog from Chief Executive Joe Rafferty

Over the last few weeks many members of our workforce may have attended our mega conversation sessions and I thought I’d use this week’s blog to explain what they are all about to any newcomers to Mersey Care. There will be many who have been in the organisation for a while who will know all about them, but there will also be many who are experiencing them for the first time. I hope you will find them useful.

Whenever we have a big staff event like this I like to explain about the two groups of people that are crucial to Mersey Care and its future - the people we serve and use our services and those of you who work for Mersey Care.

The Executive team firmly believes that our future is tied into the things that matter to you on the frontline on a daily basis and an understanding of those issues and wherever possible for the Board and Executive to respond to the things that you want to happen.

That’s basically the purpose of the mega conversation, for me and the Board to listen hard and understand the impact of issues that face you. We want to hear about the things that don’t work well but also to hear about the things that went really, really well. We need to correct the things that don’t work brilliantly but do more of the things that work very well and this is a great opportunity to balance those two things.

Maybe you’re thinking you’re not sure about mega conversations and wonder whether this is just another talking shop? Below are just a few of the major things that have been implemented since mega conversations first began in 2013 so you can see just how influential these sessions are.

Those are just a few of the examples of the really big things that have come out of the mega conversations. There are hundreds of smaller initiatives that have been developed and completed as a result of the mega conversations. I wanted to emphasise that because they are not just staged talking shops, it’s your day and the chance to really make things happen within Mersey Care.

We’re always keen to hear about ways to improve the organisation and I can assure you that what you say will be listened to and acted upon. That will happen in a number of ways. We’ll take your views and think about what they mean in relation to our strategic plan and operational plan and we’ll review the divisional plans because some of what you say will apply more to some bits of the organisation rather than others.

We’ll also build it into our People’s Plan and Organisational Development plan so what you say becomes critical for the next four of five years at Mersey Care.

Anti-Bullying Week

As you all know, at Mersey Care we have a strong focus on civility and respect for each other as part of our Just and Learning programme. This places kindness and respect at the heart of everything we do and also into every interaction and contact that we have with each other and the people we serve.

There’s recently been a lot of media coverage about zero tolerance in the news and in particular this week as part of anti bullying week. As Chief Executive, I want Mersey Care to truly live our value of respect, which is why I’m today reiterating to everyone the Trust’s zero tolerance approach to any form of racism or discrimination.

All of our colleagues across the Trust regardless of colour, culture, ethnicity, faith, gender, sexuality or disability should feel safe to come to work without any fear of abuse or harassment. At present in this country and overseas, we see leaders of all political persuasions using harsh or derogatory language to each other and when combined with the anonymity of social media trolling, our world can feel like a harsh and unwelcoming place.

I want to make sure that everyone who works at Mersey Care makes this a kind and respectful environment for the people we care for and of course, for each other.