In Mind: Chief Executive Joe Rafferty's latest blog on Rowan View, CQC and more

Rowan View Medium Secure Facility

I’m starting this week’s blog with exciting news about Rowan View, our new medium secure facility based at Maghull Health Park. Construction of the state of the art building is gathering pace and this week I joined Beatrice Fraenkel, our chairman, alongside the two Elaines – Darbyshire and Wilkinson – to tighten the first bolt of the project.

The steelwork is now forming an outline of the entrance area, two years ahead of the anticipated opening and, as Executive Director of Communication, Engagement and Estates, Elaine Darbyshire was especially pleased to see the new facility coming together.

I’m also aware that it was a great moment for Elaine Wilkinson as project lead to be part of the construction work itself. As work continues, from time to time I’ll share some odd facts and figures from the build, which will give you a picture of the scale of the project. You can also see a short video of our visit to the site.

Never forget that at the end of the construction period, we will have a state of the art site for service users to receive the very best support and a fine building for staff to excel in:

To date:

  • 750 wagons have left the site with waste material – each wagon carries approximately 20 ton
  • Enough concrete has been poured to fill both swimming pools at Ormskirk public baths.
  • 540m3 of crushed stone from the existing foundations and the old service duct has been re-used on site.



We have now had confirmation that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) are planning an inspection of our services in the next few months.

We don't regard this as something to worry about and, some of our colleagues who have been with the Trust for the last few years should know the process well. We are regarding this as an opportunity to show off all the good work and exciting initiatives that make Mersey Care such a great organisation.

These next visits are all part of their regular cycle and we know the inspectors will be concentrating on the area of ‘Well Led.’ We’ve already received the Provider Information Request (PIR) from the CQC, which officially starts the process that will lead to an inspection.

The next stage is that the Trust must now complete the PIR document and once that is done, the CQC will begin making unannounced inspections of our core services. We’re expecting the full inspection to take place in the next six months and we’ll receive formal notification of the date later this month.

I know all our staff are very busy in their every day jobs, but it’s important Mersey Care shows off our best work. Now we’ve had two inspections in fairly quick succession over the last few years, we also have good systems in place to support everything around the visits.

Joe Rafferty

Chief Executive