In Mind: Staff support for Christmas Jumper Day is the main focus for this week's blog from Chief Executive Joe Rafferty

Christmas Jumper Day

Anyone who happened to visit our services on Friday could have been forgiven for thinking Mersey Care had been transformed into Father Christmas’s grotto in the North Pole such was the enthusiastic support for Christmas Jumper Day right across the Trust.

You can see some of the pictures sent in to us below and I know there were plenty more posted onto social media. As well as being a lot of fun, we raised a fantastic £264 for Save the Children’s Christmas campaign at V7. If your team or building has also raised money, please let us know and we’ll include it in this Friday’s newsletter alongside any further Christmas jumper pictures. 

This is yet another fine example of your never ending generosity which I am always so proud to see from Mersey Care colleagues whenever they are asked to dig deep and help people less fortunate than themselves. If you haven’t yet donated but would like to you can do so here.

What I particularly like about these pictures is the smiles on the faces of you all. I know this isn’t an easy time of year and we’re all busy preparing for the festive period in addition to all the challenges we face on a daily basis at work, but so many of you still found time to enjoy the day and join in the fun with colleagues, service users and visitors to the Trust. It was really great to see everyone enjoying themselves so much! 

Quality Improvement Plan

At the last Board meeting there was an impressive presentation from Dr David Fearnley, Dr Arun Chidambaram and Dr Jennifer Kilcoyne providing an insight into the new Quality Improvement Plan.

This is an important document because it sets out our goals in terms of how we achieve ‘Perfect Care’ and what our priorities are as a service to achieve that. To continuously improve our care it’s essential we identify priorities based on the needs of our local population and analyse the risks to safety and quality within our service.

We know from established research that Liverpool is the fourth most deprived local authority in the county, life expectancy in the area is lower than the national average and the biggest cause of illness and poor wellbeing in the city is poor mental health.

To understand our key service quality issues, Mersey Care entered into a joint piece of work with The Risk Authority at Stanford, aiming to use data relating to incidents, risks and claims and learning to identify our key challenges as a service.

We have analysed that data, working alongside our service users, and identified our key priorities for improvement work. It highlighted that reducing aggression and self harm were key areas of focus. Our priorities have since been extended after physical health community services joined Mersey Care’s portfolio and now include risks and areas of improvement across their footprint.

The above framework provides an outline for our expectations and provides a plan to support Mersey Care achieve its goals in providing personalised, reliable, reputable and evidence-based care to the people we serve.

It will ensure that compassionate values, a just and learning infrastructure and continuous clinical and organisational improvement are at the centre of our services. It will encourage engagement and alignment across and within the clinical divisions and their partners and stakeholders. Those interested in reading the plan can do so here.


Flu Update

I wrote last week how over 3000 staff at Mersey Care had protected patients, their families and themselves by having the flu jab and I’m delighted to report that figure has now increased to 3353, which represents 63.6% of the Trust.

Thank you to everyone who has already had their jab and to those of you who haven’t, please get in touch with one of our 116 vaccinators. You can email them at

It’s really important that everyone who works with patients, whether that’s in the community, in house or with vulnerable people in clinics, you are at a much greater risk of catching flu.

This is a serious virus that can be deadly and it’s not just us that are at threat – your colleagues, friends and family will all be in danger should you catch it. Here’s a quick film to show you how important having your flu jab is to your health and wellbeing:

If you don’t want the vaccine and don’t want to complete the refusal form, it would be helpful if you can let us know if that’s the case or if you’ve already had it at your GP practice or pharmacy.






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Thank you.


Joe Rafferty

Chief Executive