In Mind: How the successful LCH bid could affect Mersey Care, by Chief Executive Joe Rafferty

I’m starting this week’s blog with genuine excitement about the opportunities ahead of us now we have been chosen as the new provider to deliver the Liverpool Community Health (LCH) Liverpool core services.

Our successful bid, which was announced by NHS Improvement (NHSi) earlier this week, has brought the bidding part of the process to an end. There have been a lot of people who have worked very hard to help win it, including providing presentations to both LCH staff and NHSi, before the final decision was made.

The successful experience we have at Mersey Care of incorporating other trusts and services in recent years, including Calderstones Partnership NHS Trust and the South Sefton part of the LCH services, played a crucial role in winning the decision.

By gradually building the portfolio of services provided by Mersey Care, we are moving towards becoming an organisation that serves a real broad range of healthcare needs and which, quite literally, sees people from head to toe and in the context of their real lives.


So what does this mean in terms of the day to day running of the Trust? We will officially take over the management contract for LCH on 1 November, but that is just the start of the process.

There is still plenty of due diligence and governance to complete before all the staff and services are transferred to Mersey Care on 1 April, 2018, but we will update you regularly between now and then with any news regarding the transfer.

As we have done with all the acquisitions and change that has taken place at Mersey Care over the last three years, we will look forward to welcoming our new colleagues to the Trust and to working together in our journey towards integrated healthcare.

Just as I am sure that our new colleagues can learn from the way we do things at Mersey Care, I’m equally sure there is plenty we can learn from them. One of the great strengths of this organisation in recent years has been our sharing of best practice with new colleagues as we add another service to our Trust.

We strongly believe that change cannot be coerced but has to be embraced. I’m sure our plans for staff engagement and a just and learning culture will help new staff through the transition.

I know with change comes uncertainty, but as a Trust, we have been extremely successful at adapting and changing to the environment, without a loss of focus and without affecting the high standards of care we pride ourselves on at Mersey Care.


Flu Jabs Update

 I reported last week that we had made a positive start to this year’s flu jab campaign and I’m delighted to say that nearly a quarter of Trust have now had their injections.


We’ve also carried out a small survey and we will feed back the results in detail shortly. I was pleased to see that all respondents knew how flu is transmitted and nearly everyone was satisfied with the amount of information we’re providing. We asked you what can be done to prevent transmission of the virus in the trust. You replied: “keep on campaigning”, “no more than is already being done,” and some people gave good solid advice on hygiene and hand washing.

In the battle of the Trust’s divisions, South Sefton are still out on top but are being closely followed by SLD division and secure. Corporate and local are in the bottom two places – let’s all see if we can get a really close battle going between all the divisions.


South Sefton Community Division        


Specialist Learning Disability Division


Secure Division


Corporate Division


Local Division