In Mind: A message from Dr Cecil Kullu, Consultant Psychiatrist

Hello, I’m Dr Cecil Kullu. Whilst Joe Rafferty is away, I’ve been asked to write for the weekly blog. I’m a Consultant Psychiatrist and work out of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals in the Liaison Psychiatry Service. It may surprise some new to Mersey Care just how many locations we have but that is my base and, as Associate Medical Director for Research, Development and Innovation I spend a lot of time in our diverse locations.

We were entertained recently by a sporting extravaganza of World Cup football and the nation enthused with hope and the joy of England’s progress in the tournament. At the same time there was an amazing story of triumph of human spirit. The story of a nation and people from around the world being united in their miraculous effort to rescue those 12 young footballers and their coach trapped inside the Tham Luang caves in Thailand.
Their story reminded me of the multitude of times staff working in our organisation come together. We help service users during extremely difficult and sometimes critical times with compassion and kindness beyond that defined in our jobs. We don’t talk about it often and perhaps celebrate it even less so. As we embrace our Just and Learning Culture, we really should spend a bit more time sharing successes in team meetings because it reminds us of what we are capable of achieving together. As our working world becomes more closely interwoven with technology and robots there is a view that we would do better by being more human and working together creatively, and that was so truly captured by the rescue efforts to save the Wild Boars football team.  
You may have also heard recently about HRH Duke of Cambridge inaugurating James' Place, the suicide crisis centre on Catherine Street near the city centre of Liverpool. This initiative was co-founded by Marchioness Clare Milford Haven and offers much needed support for people of Liverpool struggling with suicidal thoughts. Through close collaboration Mersey Care helped it to become established in Liverpool. This association started initially through network links from our research projects on self harm. We hope to build close links between James Place and the liaison psychiatry team at RLUH. For people who attend the A&E Department with self harm, the HOPE therapy service offers rapid access to brief psychological intervention for self harm. It is one of its kind in the Northwest and registered its own milestone of 62 therapy appointments out of 67 being attended in its first month, a success well deserved by the staff.
A reminder that we will be looking at the successes of the last year – as well as the formalities and data reporting – at the trust’s AGM this Wednesday. The event is in the afternoon at Aintree Racecourse and if you can attend, you are invited to be a part of this important part of our calendar.
Thank you.
Dr Cecil Kullu, 
Associate Medical Director