Lynsey Brown - Senior Staff Nurse

My day begins walking my dog Bert through Whalley village and along the river. After the devastation of the Boxing Day floods, community spirit shone through and it's uplifting to see flowers rather than skips in front gardens.

I support people in the community. I’ve spent the morning with a young man who, at 18, has already experienced so much chaos and upheaval. He greeted me with a home made bun and was eager to start work but he’s often anxious in social situations and his learning disability makes it hard to convey his thoughts. He's not missed a single appointment, a triumph in itself for someone with so many anxieties and hurdles to overcome.

Sadly events in his life brought him into the criminal justice system. The complex processes can be incredibly confusing for someone who has difficulty understanding and processing information and can often exasperate the situation; I’ve supported him through court appearances and now work with him, his mum and his care team to help him through his probation.

I visited a young lady today who has faced so many challenges in her young life. She’s at high risk of harming herself and those around her, and she’s now in prison, but because I know her I’ve been able to design a care plan that will help prison officers keep her safe.

I look forward to our weekly team meeting. It gives a much welcome opportunity to talk about how best to support our patients - and each other. My adage is that of the air stewardess ‘always put on your own mask before helping others’, in other words make sure you look after yourself so you can help those we serve.

I leave work happy that’s it's been a productive day which has seen positive progress for those I support.