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Creative writing

One of our residents enjoys writing short stories to pass the time and hopes one day to get published.

Creative writing at the Beacon

Another resident writes poetry and has had his poetry published in 'Inside Times' winning the Star Poem!

Star poem winner at the beacon



Yes you bro get your head clear

The message from the Beacon not far it’s near

From simian somnambulism not monkeying around

Depression is lessened, your fears less profound

No cares for your mental ills eh lad

For pills can make you dizzy and sad

Look in your mirror and laugh at your face

You are a unique member of the human race

Try not to worry and try not to wail

To fail is to be normal yes, even in jail

Your head and your heart beat as one

Remember your principles fought for and won

But keeping emotions and feelings in check is a surprise

The strength of your continual confidence is a prize


How to be Mellow

Think of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

You’re not the nation’s followers

You plough your own field

Follow your own path

Think of your family and kin

From where you were to begin

The road’s full of potholes and grit

But the highway of your mind

Can be cleared of emotional sh*t

Honey from bees is very nice

As is friendship full of spice

Not NPS but genuine stuff

Where affection and love is enough

To fill your world with serenity

As you travel the path of mediocrity

So laugh and smile it’s not hard

You’ll find you might be a bard


Silence Screams my name


Rough and tumble river bubbling in my veins

kaleidoscope memories I can’t explain

blurring my horizons as I turn the page

and nothing stays the same

when the silence screams my name


And even as the hands of time are busy bending space

that multi channel nothingness is in my face

but this is what I wanted so I won’t complain

coz it doesn’t mean a thing

when the silence screams my name


And I wonder if I have the power to change

tiny footsteps I can’t retrace

tiny hearts I can’t replace

when the silence screams my name


The Beacon

The Beacon is the place to be

Change your life before being set free

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Also her to watch and care

Groups in which you take part

Pathways you share from your heart

A two year course of what you need

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