Charity Work

Some of the men on the Beacon like to choose their own individual and personal charity projects and encourage their peers and staff to get involved.

One of our residents writes about his charitable work: "I asked permission to put a box in the staff office in which to collect chocolates and sweets for Easter for the children of Derian House Hospice. My reason behind this was to pay forward the kind feelings felt when I was in psychiatric hospital in 1994 and a stranger gave me an Easter egg. I felt happy and cared about. One of our officers suggested rolling out my idea to all wings and units. So, with permission from our custodial manager, I made loads of posters, displayed them around the jail, and got permission to attend each wing (along with a Beacon unit officer) on a canteen delivery day, five consecutive Fridays prior to Easter. I was overwhelmed with the generosity of the prisoners and staff, truly humbled and very thankful to the staff being able to accompany me on collection days, without which I couldn’t have collected as much as I did do. Approximately £200 in donations of chocolate and sweets was delivered to the hospice on our behalf by one of our Discover team members, Janice".

One of our residents completed a tough challenge for charity. This is his account:

The children’s hospital in Sheffield is just one of four stand-alone children’s hospitals in the UK, providing specialist care that is for children from all over the world. It’s amazing and they never stop striving to make it better. Every day the children benefit from life-saving and specialist medical equipment funded through charitable donations. I supported the charity because I come from Sheffield and always try to give something back to the local community.

I did it in 4 days by completing 2 marathons a day as I was told a marathon a day on a bike was easy so I made it a lot harder for myself! I felt like by doing this I’d earned the sponsorship money. Doing 2 marathons back to back took me 2 hours 20 minutes and I was knackered after it! What kept me motivated was the cause I was doing it for.  It was nice for me to do this for my own local hospital.  So far I have raised £585.50. All donations are vital to the hospital to ensure it remains at the forefront of paediatric care for many years to come.

A resident arranged a Macmillan cake sale in November 2017. Staff from the unit and around the prison brought in various cakes and over £200 was raised as a result of this.