Make a Referral

We welcome enquiries from potential referrers. If you are considering making a referral for a prisoner, then please contact us via email, telephone or by completing the form below. We will then arrange an initial telephone consultation with a senior clinician.


To make a referral by email please click HERE.


To make a referral by telephone please call our referral coordinator Jak Smith on 01772 443396

Digital Form

Information needed prior to initial telephone consultation

Basic identification details

Name and date of birth, prison number and current location

Name and base of the offender manager

The Beacon is for prisoners who have an offender manager based in the north sector of the country, ie Northumbria; Cumbria; Durham Tees Valley; North, West and South Yorkshire; Humberside (including North and North East Lincolnshire); Lancashire; Greater Manchester; Merseyside; Cheshire; North Midlands; and North Wales.

Index offence and sentence details

It is anticipated that a prisoner will spend about two years within the treatment service. Therefore, in most circumstances, there would need to be a period after treatment that would be available for the prisoner to test out his improvement in a lower secure environment or in the community under licensed supervision.

History of previous offending

We need to start to understand the level of risk and review previous offences.

Any psychiatric or psychological assessments

We are interested in previous clinical assessments, particularly where there has been a comment about diagnosis or formulation.

Previous engagement/treatment

Information about any ongoing contact with clinicians, previous treatments or courses.  In this event it is likely that we would make contact with those clinicians to understand more about work completed.