Referral Process

Symptoms of a personality disorder

Symptoms vary depending on the type of personality disorder. For example, a person may have borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder or another type of personality disorder. To read about the varying symptoms for each please click HERE.

Referral criteria

Our referral criteria set out a range of inclusion and exclusion factors we may consider when deciding whether to accept a referral for a prisoner who is trying to access our treatment service. To view our referral criteria page please click HERE.

Make a referral

We welcome enquiries from potential referrers. If you are considering making a referral for a prisoner, then please visit our make a referral page by clicking HERE.

Support for people living with a personality disorder

Having a personality disorder can have a big effect on the person's life, as well as their family and friends, but support is available. To find out what support is available for people living with a personality disorder and their friends, family, colleagues and others please click HERE.