About the Beacon

Who are we?

  • A prison-based intervention service with a capacity of 48, located within HMP Garth, for men with a diagnosis of personality disorder who have offended and/or whose risk and offending behaviour is understood to be primarily due to personality-related needs.
  • Part of the National Offender Personality Disorder Strategy within the north sector of England and a collaboration between a specialist mental health provider (Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust) and HMPPS (HMP Garth).
  • Part of the treatment stage of the offender personality disorder pathway; we adopt a trauma and attachment and bio-psycho-social understanding of personality development and disorder.

Our aims

  • Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) pathway - full integration within and across existing services for individuals with personality-related needs; pathway management and planning.
  • Formulation and evidence as the basis of assessment, planning, intervention and management.
  • Therapy and security – A balance of individual and group treatments alongside health and criminal justice risk management and security.
  • The enabling environment and prisoner involvement.

Our treatment model

Personality disorders are particularly prevalent among people in prison. According to the Prison Reform Trust 62% of male and 57% of female sentenced prisoners have a personality disorder. Treatment intervention on the Beacon is based upon attachment and trauma models of personality development and disorder and also recognises and is informed by bio-psycho-social models. Learn more about our treatment model by clicking HERE

Our enabling environment

An important element of treatment is the focus on interactions, particularly between staff and prisoners. This aim is to promote a safe, positive and empowering environment, effective functioning and relationships, and reduce the potential and need for risk and offending behaviour as ways of coping and relating. Learn more about our enabling environment' by clicking HERE.

Meet the team

The Beacon is a multi-disciplinary team comprising of a range of disciplines bringing specific expertise, including:

  • Clinical lead for the service (responsible for the overall care and interventions)
  • Operational manager (responsible for the management and organisation of the service)
  • Custodial manager (responsible for the management and organisation of prison staffing and resources and the links between NHS and prison staff)
  • Prison officers (the officers have a wide range of skills and training and are dedicated officers for the Beacon)
  • Consultant psychiatrists
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Social workers
  • Psychological and occupational assistants
  • Nurse therapists
  • Admin support

To learn more about the professional roles of the team working at the Beacon, please visit our meet the team page by clicking HERE.


Some of our residents and officers share their experiences on the Beacon, read their testimonials by clicking HERE.