Diabetes Nurse Referrals

What we do

The aim of the team is to provide high quality care for people with diabetes close to where they live. We work with other community health care professionals, such as district nurses and community matrons, to provide the right support for people to manage their diabetes.

We provide:

  • A Diabetes Clinic at Litherland Town Hall Health Centre, Monday to Friday and Maghull Health Centre, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Drop in clinics offering advice regarding diabetes management at Maghull Health Centre Wednesday 9.30am-11.30am and in Litherland Town Hall Health Centre Thursdays 9.30am-11.30am
  • A domiciliary service for people who fit the referral criteria by bridging gaps in specialist diabetes services for patients who are house bound and nursing homes that often have multiple medical problems
  • ‘Diabetes and You’ an education programme for people who have been newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Carers and friends are welcome to attend.

Referrals Guidance for Diabetes Specialist Nurse/GPwSI led services

 Diabetes glycaemic control – this includes Insulin starts and GLP1 therapy

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Type 1 Diabetes (if not under secondary care and request community service)
  • HbA1c  58 mmol/mol or more
  • On two or more oral hypoglycaemic agents at maximum tolerated dose for at least two months.

Please note the person will be offered a dietetic review at their initial assessment


Hypoglycaemic review

  • Increase in hypoglycaemic episodes in the individual
  • Needing intervention to treat hypoglycaemia
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Type 1 Diabetes (if not under secondary care and request community service).


Home blood glucose meter training clinic

  • Type 2 patients on insulin or Sulphonylureas
  • Type 1 patients (if not under secondary care and request community service).


Change in insulin pen device

  • Patients not under secondary care and need change of insulin pen


New Diagnosed Type 2 Housebound Only

  • To follow newly diagnosed type 2 education care pathway

 Dietetic Services

Newly diagnosed Type 2 dietetic assessment (dietetic only)

Established Type 2 requiring an assessment or review

*Please note if referred to the DSN/GPwSI services a dietetic review will be offered at the initial assessment.


Type 2 diabetes weight management

Demonstrates motivation to change and agreed to referral

On insulin and/or Sulphonylurea

BMI >30kg/m2


Group Education Programmes

  • Diabetes and You

Newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes

  • Drop in Clinic 

Wednesday 9.30am-11.30am Maghull Health Centre

Thursday 9.30am-11.30am Litherland Town Hall Health Centre 


The drop in clinic is available for people with diabetes to have access to the service for simple advice. DO NOT send anyone for a meter or full assessment, please use the referral form.


We accept referrals from all allied Health Care Professionals.

Referral form for Sefton can be downloaded HERE and should be completed with the referral proforma and returned by post or fax to: 0151 475 4031.

Please note all blood results (HbA1c, renal and egfr) MUST be within six weeks of the referral.

The Sefton Diabetes team is based at Litherland Town Hall Health Centre, Hatton Hill Road, L21 9JN.

Tel: 0151 475 4085

Fax: 0151 475 4031.