Community Heart Failure Referrals

What we do

Our team of specialist heart failure nurses supports people with heart failure and their families and carers to manage their cardiac condition and medications to improve their quality of life, and reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital.

We provide regular reviews, advice and information at community heart failure clinics and at home. 


Referral form for Sefton can be downloaded HERE

Referrals are taken from GP, hospital consultant or cardiac nurse, or other health professionals. Health professionals should download the referral form, complete all sections of the referral proforma, and fax it back with confirmed diagnosis of LVSD based on ECHO result, to: 0151 475 4031 or email to:

Inclusion criteria:

• left/right sided heart failure with preserved ejection fraction confirmed on ECHO report

• valvular disorders

• cardiomyopathy.


Find us

Litherland Town Hall Health Centre (South Sefton)

Hatton Hill Road


L21 9JN

Tel: 0151 475 4030

Fax: 0151 475 4031

Email :

Team Co-ordinator: Elcy Varughese


5 Curzon Road (North Sefton)



Tel : 01704 395797

Fax : 0151 475 4031

Email :

Team Co-ordinator : Paul Rishton