Adult Community Physiotherapy Referrals

What we do

Our team of state registered physiotherapists offers physiotherapy services to adults registered with a South Sefton GP.

We assess, treat and support people in their homes and other community settings. Depending upon the person’s needs they will be directed on to one of our specialist pathways; Neurological Rehabilitation, Care Homes, Falls Prevention or Specialist Community pathway.

Following assessment the physiotherapist may offer patients one or more of the following treatments:

  • An individualised home exercise programme
  • Advice on how to manage their condition (self-management strategies)
  • Falls prevention advice • Advice regarding suitable equipment
  • Provision of appropriate mobility aids
  • Pain management, e.g. TENS, Acupuncture
  • Information regarding services that may be of help


Core hours for the service are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm. Referrals into the service are through GPs or any healthcare professional involved in the person’s care.

Referral form for Sefton can be downloaded HERE and should be completed and faxed to: 0151 524 9750. 


Contact the Sefton team:

Netherton Health Centre

Magdalene Square


L30 5SP

Tel: 0151 247 6113

Fax: 0151 524 9750