Members' AGM 2018

Annual General Meeting and Members’ Event was held on 25 July 2018 at Aintree Racecourse. 

The meeting was held in public and Beatrice Fraenkel welcomed the many people who listened in and who were part of the full day with the lunchtime ‘marketplace’ and afternoon presentations.

With Joe Rafferty away, Director of Finance and Deputy Chief Executive Neil Smith presented the Chief Executive’s Report.  He welcomed the announcement of more than 3 per cent government funding for the NHS and in particular for mental health. As this was the first meeting since the 70th anniversary of the NHS, Neil reflected on the well-attended celebration also held at Aintree which was attended by service users, families and guests from across all divisions of the trust.

The meeting heard that the Trust is seeking nominations for elections to the Council of Governors. The deadline is 1 August and we’ll declare the results on 12 September. There are a number of opportunities to get involved and staff are encouraged to consider standing.

Dr Fearnley presented the Quality Report.  It was confirmed that Pressure ulcers remain the highest risk of harm for patients across the Liverpool and South Sefton Community Division. There has been an increase in Grade 4 pressure ulcers in the Liverpool localities whilst the Sefton Locality had zero grade 4 for 60 days which was a significant achievement.

Trish Bennett, Executive Director of Nursing and Operations , provided an update on Community Services and the improvement programme established to address the wide range of quality issues including those identified in the Kirkup report. She spoke of a smooth transition when community services joined Mersey Care and a comprehensive report and actions list from the Director of Transformation. This noted that the focus of community services had been on business and patients are rarely mentioned. Whilst staff are very clear that the patient is at the centre of what they do, there was little evidence of engagement in the form of surveys or workshop events. Following on from the workforce plans for Secure, Specialist Learning Disabilities and Local Divisions, Amanda Oates presented her update for Liverpool and South Sefton. This was with particular regard to our largest clinical group, nurses, and the lack of newly trained nurses nationally.

In South Sefton...

  • 49% of the workforce is over the age of 50
  • 75% of the workforce is aged 40 or over
  • 38% of the registered nurse workforce are over the age of 50, and 70% are over the age of 40

In Liverpool…

  • 44.1% of the workforce is over the age of 50
  • 68.4% of the workforce is aged 40 or over
  • 42.8% of the registered nurse workforce are over the age of 50, and 66.7% are over the age of 40

Dr Fearnley then delivered a presentation about our strategy for Zero Suicide. Our policy was put in place in September 2015.  Since this date, the Trust has seen a reduction of 13.75 per cent in suicide rates. Self harm reduction and other leading measures are being monitored and progressing positively.

Elaine Darbyshire, whose portfolio now includes estates, gave an update about our buildings and facility management services. She spoke about the integration of teams from Mersey Care pre-acquisition and former LCH and also the many major projects currently underway in the Trust, including the Medium Secure Unit and Southport newbuild. The Board will formally consider our next 10 year estate strategy document at the start of next year. 

The meeting concluded with Beatrice Fraenkel’s own report, in which she reflected on the Patient Safety Congress in Manchester where we delivered a well-received presented on our Just and Learning Culture and on No Force First. Beatrice also recognised that the recent hot weather presented risks for both service users and staff.