Governor Elections

About Governor Elections

Our Council of Governors, which has been in place since May 2016, provides an essential link between the Trusts’ Members and the organisation. It meets formally at least three times a year and comprises of elected local members, members of staff, and representatives of local partner organisations. Governors are an important group of people within the Trust, who represent the views of our membership by being the “voice” of local people and surrounding communities.

Governors play a key role in the governance of the Trust and work hard to ensure that the interests of all members are taken into account whenever key decisions are made.

Governors also play an essential role in holding the Board of Directors to account, through the nonexecutive directors, for the performance of the Board. 

Governor Elections 2018

Our governors (with the exception of the appointed governors) are elected from and by our members, with all qualifying members that are aged 16 years or over being able to nominate themselves to stand for election as a governor during the election process.

We are keen to represent all areas of the community on the Council of Governors, and welcome interest from anyone within the various constituencies. You do not need specific qualifications for the role, other than an interest in Mersey Care and a commitment to representing your constituents to the best of your ability.

Elections are usually held each year, for those governor posts whose term of office is ending or have resigned.

At the start of the election process a notice of nominations is sent out to all relevant members (where a governor seat is open for election) to inform them that the election process is starting. For members who would like to know more about becoming elected governors, governor awareness sessions will be held and the venues, dates, and times will be published on the Trust website. Governors are required to meet certain criteria as detailed in the attached document HERE.

The notice of nomination includes the contact details of the external company who facilitates our election process (to request a Nomination Form).

Ballot papers are then sent to members who in turn vote for the candidate(s) that they wish to be elected to our Council of Governors. (first past the post method of voting).

A comprehensive induction programme and on-going training are provided for governors once they have been elected.