2 to 17 January 2020 - Two Perfect Weeks

Our Community Services Division supported the wider health system with two weeks perfect care from 2 January to 17 January 2020. These weeks have been designed to make sure our patients receive optimal care and experience.

Working with acute and social care partners, the two weeks aimed to rapidly improve patient flow across the whole system, leading to a change in performance safety and patient experience. It’s also about reducing harm, improving patient outcomes and job satisfaction. 

Family and Friends cards were used during these two weeks to collect feedback as results will be reviewed, the model refined, and learning shared across the division.


What happened during the perfect care two weeks?

  • Review and cancel all non-essential meetings (divisional commitment to only patient facing meetings to ensure a true focus on patient care)
  • Review and cancel of all non-mandatory training
  • Annual leave requests not already granted and confirmed will be reviewed on an individual basis against capacity to deliver the service
  • Maintain the capacity of teams providing admission avoidance and early supported discharge (offering overtime and utilising bank or agency staff)
  • Increase communication with acute providers, NHSE, NWAS and primary care, via participation in planned calls and any additional system escalation calls
  • Managers will actively support delivery of the front line service
  • A structured operational services review via the winter huddle will take place every morning and afternoon (11:30am and 3:30pm) to check daily plans are in place to support the division
  • Seek opinions from  patients on the care they have received
  • Seek feedback from staff on care they have delivered and impact on quality.


What will happen after the perfect care two weeks?

  • Review of any safety incidents, patient and staff feedback
  • Review of partner and stakeholder feedback
  • Review of quality and performance metrics
  • Feedback lessons learnt to our services/teams.