Staff Governors

Staff Governors

1 medical member


At the start of the election process a notice of nomination will be sent out to all relevant staff members.


1 medical member from MCT Whalley

Dr Sayed Ahmed

I am a specialty doctor working in the Mersey Care Foundation Trust, Whaley (previously Calderstones Partnership NHS Foundation Trust). I was elected as a member of council of Governors for Calderstones in July 2015. I regularly attended Governors meetings and participated in various activities. My main focus as a member of governors was to guide the trust board to improve quality assurance and high standard service delivery. I always considered patients first, listened to the patients and their family's view and involved multidisciplinary team to improve the standard of service delivery. CQC inspection recommended Calderstones as "Outstanding ". My journey as a member of council of governors for Calderstones was very short because of closure of the Trust in 2016.

Besides my governorship role, as a member of medical team, I always thought about well-beings of the fellow colleagues, helped them to improve their knowledge and skills in various ways as SAS lead. I am an active member of BMA, SAS BMA representative for Mersey Care Foundation Trust. I am also a member of LNC representing Whaley site.

I have research background and involved in research activities in Calderstones, currently involved in genome project.

I would like to have your support to vote for me so that I could play my role as a member of governors to improve patient care, to help colleagues and staffs and to improve the standard of the trust.

2 nursing staff members

Scott Parker

Scott Parker is an experienced Nurse and has significant experience on acute wards. Scott also has 3 years’ experience as a Ward Manger in Adult in patient and Older people’s wards.

Scott was born in Liverpool, qualified in Liverpool and lives in Liverpool. He is passionate that the nursing care that is of the highest quality - be it from primary care, secondary care or mental health services and believes it is important that the Trust supports nurses in being able to deliver high quality care.

Mr Parker is pleased that there are two positions for nurses on the council of governors, as the largest part of the workforce nurses are well placed to identify what we do well and to spot when things might prevent nurses from providing great care.

Scott is passionate about continuous Improvement and has been involved in the No Force first Initiative for a couple of years.

Maria Tyson

Maria Tyson is passionately committed to the principles of the NHS and improving the experience of service users and staff.

Maria’s longstanding nursing background has given her first hand experience of the challenges faced by staff on a daily basis as well as the very positive experiences many of us experience in our daily work.

Maria has worked at many levels within the Trust and believes she has a sound judgement of good clinical practice and care. Maria values the contribution of all staff that play a part in providing quality care.

Maria lives in our local community and has a good understanding of the local economy and how the Trust relates to the public and its’ partners in health and social care. Maria spends time listening to staff concerns, ideas and views to ensure these are fed back into Trust decision making processes.

Maria understands the financial pressures and has a realistic grasp that, whilst important there must be a focus on balancing performance with driving improvement in the quality of care we deliver.

1 nursing staff member from MCT Whalley

Tracey Cummins

I am a Clinical Leader at Whalley MCT and have worked with the Trust for 23 years. I currently work within the Medium Secure service but have had various posts throughout my career, having started as a Nursing Assistant.

Within these varied roles I have been very passionate about both the service user’s and staff experience. Through leading on reducing restrictive practice within the Safewards and No Force First initiatives, creating an environment that is therapeutic for people’s needs. My strengths include motivating service users and staff members in developing awareness of Trust initiatives and notable successes have involved encouraging creating visual displays.

My passion for maintaining a meaningful private life that is filled with adventure and travel, leads to my focus on ensuring meaningful, planned therapeutic activities are delivered within the ward. Such activities have included facilitating rambles around the hills and valleys of  the local community, as well as monthly social events which create a togetherness and reduce barriers to therapeutic relationships.

Having recently been successful in becoming a governor for the Trust, I feel it’s a privilege and this gives leverage to learn and sharing good practice across Mersey Care. Also, getting to know more about the Trust’s plans for the service users and staff as the relocation of the wards from Whalley proceed, I feel I bring an understanding of the SLDD service users and can contribute to ensuring that a smooth transition is achieved.

2 other clinical, scientific, technical or therapeutic members

Sara Finlayson

Sara Finlayson has worked at Rathbone Hospital for over twenty years and has seen the wider organisation develop and grow into Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust with pride and a sense of belonging.

Sara is a Clinical Psychologist and has worked in various Local and Secure settings.

Sara believes she has always championed the needs of service users, especially those who don’t usually have much of a voice. As importantly, she understands the stresses of staff across the Trust and is keen to ensure that our mental health is valued and our voices are heard regardless of role or grade.

I have set up local staff well-being support groups, provided clinical supervision and/or coaching for a number of staff from different professions, and have a broad understanding of the key issues affecting staff.

More recently, I also work with other related services beyond Mersey Care. I see Mersey Care as leading the way in mental health, influencing not only our service users directly but also impacting on wider society and how mental health issues are approached in all areas, for example, in schools, by the police and ambulance services and GPs.

I have been around long enough to have a good understanding of how the Trust works, and have the confidence to speak up in formal meetings and to challenge respectfully where necessary. If elected I want to meet members and represent the staffing body as objectively as possible, upholding the Trust values and seeking to improve services for service users and staff alike.

Dave Kitchen

Dave Kitchen has worked for Mersey Care NHS Trust for the past 13 years.

Through his work in Pharmacy, and on project work elsewhere, Dave has gained a good working knowledge of most of the clinical areas throughout the Hospital.

Dave feels that it is through developing sensible and practical ideas and solutions for the challenges faced by the Trust, with the consensus of both those delivering the service and those receiving it, that we will forge the sort of mental health service that our Service Users deserve.

2 other clinical, scientific, technical or therapeutic members from MCT Whalley

Paul Allen

I believe that I am the right person to represent my Staff Constituency due to my past experience as a Governor of Calderstones and my many years’ service working for the N.H.S. within Learning Disabilities and Mental Health areas.

I am a honest and hardworking individual who is keen to achieve the highest level of health care possible within the Trust for the benefit of all within the challenges we face in an ever changing world.

I would like to be part of influencing and championing real changes that will make a difference to Service Users life’s and that we ensure, regulatory, statutory legislative and citizenship responsibilities are always met and maintained.

Thank you for considering my nomination.


At the start of the election process a notice of nomination will be sent out to all relevant staff members.

2 non clinical members

Mandi Gregory

Mandi Gregory has worked for our trust for 32 years, starting her working life within Olive Mount learning disabilities services and latterly for Older Peoples Mental Health. During this time Mandi has seen many changes some good and some not so.

20 years ago Mandi became actively involved with her local branch of Unison representing staff at all levels and 6 years ago Mandi was elected Branch Secretary representing over 4000 Unison members across the Merseyside footprint. This is a role which faces many challenges especially during the current economic times but nevertheless a role Mandi finds extremely rewarding.

Alongside her role as Branch Secretary, because of my Trade Union experience she was elected by the leads of the Joint Trade Unions represented here at Mersey Care as the Staffside Chair, a role which Mandi have been totally committed to and has undertaken with pride. Mandi felt that whilst as a trust we were excellent advocating for service users the voice of the staff who worked for Mersey care somehow appeared to get lost, and it’s been Mandi’s job to ensure that staff views and opinions are heard at every level of the trust. In order to enable this, Mandi attends divisional collaborative working groups, Trust Board and the Quality Assurance Committee and many more meetings on behalf of staff and is fully committed to sustaining and improving services at Mersey care for service users and staff.

Mike Jones

In his role as trust Financial Accountant (Assurance) Mike Jones gets involved in all aspects of the organisation, both financial and governance. Mike also takes great pride in trying to improve the Mersey Care experience offered to patients, service users and carers and staff.

Mike is committed to the trust values of continuous improvement, accountability, respect and enthusiasm as evidenced by the “your Thank You” nominations he has received from colleagues and by being nominated in 2016 for a Positive Achievement Award.

Mike Jones believes that as an elected member of the Council of Governors, he continues to make a positive contribution in supporting the trust in its provision of an equitable and high standard of care for patients, service users and their families. In addition, the opportunity has enabled Mike to further enhance the working relationship between the Board of Directors, staff, members, patients and service users and carers and challenge the decisions taken which will impact upon the future of all concerned.