Service User Governors

Service User Governors

5 services users from Liverpool, Sefton & Knowlsey

Johanna Birrell

I am passionate about the good health and well-being of those suffering from mental illness and the vulnerable with learning difficulties and disabilities.

My own life experience in mental health, within my family and within my support groups has taught me the need for understanding, compassion, patience, and most of all kindness. Clinical expertise is important but so are the human values that will improve a patient’s quality of life and expectations.

I would be proud to advocate for improved, responsible, accountable and more caring services; for finances to be channelled to the areas of greatest need and to encourage those on the front line of services to be listened to alongside those who use and are in need of the services.

For several years I was a pool attendant and taught swimming in Southport. I then qualified in Business Studies and as a Business Management teacher and Computer lecturer. I have taught in Sefton in more than one college. I have professional qualifications in Law as well as postgraduate qualifications in Law.

I know I would be a strong advocate. I am willing to take on the required training, spend the time and be dedicated.

I want to listen; I am prepared to learn; I want to make a difference but most importantly, I want to persuade others to make that difference and encourage a positive future for the most vulnerable.

Debra Doherty

I genuinely believe that I would be a good choice as a governor and that I have something to offer Mersey Care. This is based on both my personal and professional experiences in life. I have been a service user of the Trust and, owe a huge debt to it.

I am a retired senior HR Professional having worked across the Public Sector, in the NHS and Social Housing. I have always lived in Liverpool and now want to give something back, if possible, to the

Mental Health Service that supported me when I needed it.

As a service user, in addition to receiving clinical support, I was a client of Mersey Cares’ Network Employment Service. Eventually, I went on to work for Network and supported those, who like myself, had used the Trust’s services back into the workplace. I have, I believe got a real feel for the Trust.

I retired last year as an HR Manager for a local Social Housing Organisation. My career has almost exclusively been in Human Resources across the NHS, Liverpool Social Services and in Local Government.

I am recently widowed mother of two children who have both finished University and are trying to establish themselves in the world of work. We need to work to ensure that Mersey Care continues to meet the changing needs of the community it serves, and I would like to contribute to that, if elected.

Mark McCarthy

I am recently widowed mother of two children who have both finished University and are trying to establish themselves in the world of work. We need to work to ensure that Mersey Care continues to meet the changing needs of the community it serves, and I would like to contribute to that, if elected.

I want a Mersey Care that is less corporate and more human. I want a Mersey Care that always puts the needs of its service users first and foremost especially the most vulnerable for example those with learning difficulties and those who are in-patients. I want a Mersey Care that also cares for its employees.

I believe Mersey Care has some very talented employees and that some of this talent should be also be invested in to researching new and better treatments with a particular focus on trying to develop treatments which restore health and not just kerb extremes of symptoms.

I have 23 years experience in Manufacturing management with particular experience in “Lean Manufacturing” and 5 years experience in education. I have been a service user for 8 years.

I have experienced good care from Mersey Care but I know that is not everyone’s experience. If you share my desire for a much better Mersey Care please vote for me.

Martin Murphy

I have had previous experience of working as a Governor in another trust in the Merseyside area and I feel that this experience would stand me in good stead if I were to be elected.

There have been a number of initiatives promoted by Mersey Care recently including, “No force first” and “Suicide Prevention” which have been instrumental in raising public awareness of the many and varied facets of mental health.

Finally, I would be proud to serve as a Governor of a forward looking and caring NHS trust.

Paul Taylor

I was a Chairperson of a local housing association Northwest Scrutiny Panel, scrutinising housing services across the northwest for the benefit of better living accommodation for tenants.

I became a volunteer with Mersey Care in 2015 as part of my recovery journey.  I first volunteered in Clock View hospital on the Dementia Ward, and continue to volunteer as a befriender at Ashworth hospital and as part of the Recruitment and Selection team.

I interview candidates applying for jobs within the Trust and play an active part in co-delivering values based interview technique training/skills to other volunteers and service users.

The Life Rooms at Walton is a Mental Health Recovery College offering wellbeing and support for all members of the community and service users.  As a Welcoming and Support Volunteer my role gives me direct contact with all users and carers. The role has become a passion, it never lets me forget my ‘grass roots’ and is humbling to see such dedication and care Staff give to each and every one that comes through its doors.

As a Trust Governor this role will provide a differing view of the Trust and give me more knowledge into how mental health care is being achieved at a strategic level.

I am a great believer in giving something back. I made the promise in my election statement to assist Mersey Care through my continued volunteering involvement.  This is a promise I intend to keep.

1 service user from the rest of England and Wales


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