Service User and Carer Governors

Service User and Carer Governors

Eight members

Hilary Tetlow

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Term ends 30 April 2022

Matt Copple

  • Hi. I’m Matt. I’m 42 with a wife, 4 kids, a grandchild. I’m a Service User. I’m proud of it
  • An IT Business Partner with 20 years’ experience in IT, Operations, Customer Experience, and Business Transformation
  • Tried differing therapies, medications, and even non-standard approaches
  • I’ve been hospitalised twice in 2 years, for 6 months at a time
  • I’ve been well for a year and have re-assessed the importance of family having recently married my wife after 20 years!
  • Promoter of Life / Work Harmony
  • I secured a new job, came out the other end. I want to help others
  • I’m an experienced carer. My Mum was Manic Depressive

Why a Governor?

  • That’s simple. I want to influence change. The right sort of change. For the better
  • I want to remove the stigma surrounding mental health in society, in the workplace
  • I want everyone to be able to bring their “whole-selves” to work or to social occasions, be accepted for who they are on the inside and not just what people see on the outside
  • I may come across as ingenious, enthusiastic and outgoing with personal charm, but on the inside, I am still battling with my mental health

What do I have to offer?

  • I’m extremely perceptive about attitudes and views of others, aiming to understand rather than judge
  • I’m personable and bring out the best in people
  • Occasionally non-conformist, challenging convention, I’m good at seeing new ways of doing things

Term ends 30 September 2021

Julie Dickinson

My name is Julie Dickinson and I was born in Liverpool. I worked in the Banking sector for 34 years in a variety of roles.

Being a family carer for my Mum then 14 years for my Father in Law who has dementia first at home then in a residential home for the last 2 years and for my husband who has frontal temporal lobe dementia with parkinsonism. I feel this gives me a long view of Dementia of the services available and a carers role and the challenges presented.

I am an active member of SURF (Service Users Reference Forum) a part of the Dementia Action Alliance.

Having had my carers assessment, I am an active member of the Carers Forum and was asked along with a fellow carer if we would set up a monthly carers support group for people caring for loved ones with dementia. This enables us to reach out to help support carers with problem solving and socialising to signpost to the relevant agencies or voluntary bodies for this.

If elected I would be happy to be a carers voice and ensure they and their loved ones are not forgotten.

Term ends 30 September 2021

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Tashi Thornley

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Term ends 30 April 2022

Mark McCarthy

I want a Mersey Care that is less corporate and more human. I want a Mersey Care that always puts the needs of its service users first and foremost especially the most vulnerable for example those with learning difficulties and those who are in-patients. I want a Mersey Care that also cares for its employees.

I believe Mersey Care has some very talented employees and that some of this talent should be also be invested in to researching new and better treatments with a particular focus on trying to develop treatments which restore health and not just kerb extremes of symptoms.

I have 23 years experience in Manufacturing management with particular experience in “Lean Manufacturing” and 5 years experience in education. I have been a service user for 8 years.

I have experienced good care from Mersey Care but I know that is not everyone’s experience. If you share my desire for a much better Mersey Care please vote for me

Term ends 30 April 2022

Andrew Naylor

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Debbie Riozzie

I have no interests to declare. I am reapplying following my application last year. I first entered mental health services in 1991. After a second section I was diagnosed with Type 1 Bipolar.

Currently I work as a Health and Wellbeing Trainer for Sefton Council for Voluntary Service. We work alongside Mersey Care Community staff to re enable in a person centred and collaborative way, supporting people to live more independent and healthy lives at home.

I consider myself direct, honest and hard working. My experiences in psychiatric hospital and elsewhere meant I carried anger and shame for many years. This has motivated me to improve service user’s lives and services using my lived experience: to put the service user voice central to how services are conceived and run.

The first task would be to widen and deepen the link through to service users so we may better represent them.

I have worked across the commercial and the third sector giving me a wide perspective.

Highlights include: Establishing a small business.

More recently:

Regional Coordinator for Like Minds, Like Mine in New Zealand: anti stigma and anti discrimination social marketing program

Managed a small Charity on Merseyside

Please vote for me if you would like to push Mersey Care to provide the very best of humane, effective mental and whole health treatment.

Term ends 30 September 2021