Public Governors

Public Governors

Five members from Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley

Helen Casstles

I am a passionate supporter of our NHS. I have previously been employed within the NHS and have extensive experience of health services in Liverpool (acute and community) as a patient and as a carer.

My personal qualities and professional background are ideally suited to the role of governor. I am a strong believer that it is important to contribute to society and give something back to my community; the role of public governor at Mersey Care presents this opportunity. If elected I will undertake this role diligently and in accordance with the Nolan Principles for Public Life.

I have good working knowledge of the NHS and the role of partner agencies and regulators including CQC and NHS Improvement. I am an experienced hospital governor (council governor at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, 2013-17) and former councillor (Labour councillor for Wavertree Ward, 2012-17).

As an experienced public health practitioner, I am competent at scrutinising and evaluating information presented either verbally or in written reports, a significant component of Council of Governor meetings, and am confident in challenging accountable bodies/individuals.

I strongly believe that the role of the Trust should go beyond treating people whilst they are sick; in particular the influence the Trust can have on the wider determinants of health is crucial, e.g. as a large employer and within the families and communities it serves and would be keen to participate in the development of this aspect of the Trust’s activities.

Term ends 30 September 2021

Susan Martin 

I have been involved in the field of good mental health for over 40 years. I have seen trends come and go, new ideas and treatments touted, services altered due to changing ideas and fluctuating finance. I have worked in the statutory and voluntary sectors. Throughout all this I have remained committed to helping the person at the centre of it all, the patient. I am still down at grass roots level, albeit with an awareness of the constraints under which we all have to work.

It is at times hard for large organisations to remember why they were set up, and what was their primary purpose. I am always happy, in I believe a positive manner, to help remind them.

Term ends 30 September 2021

Jayne Moore

I am an experienced governor, who confidently challenges Mersey Care to ensure high standard of care provision is working for service users and that the role of a governor is meaningful.

I joined Mersey Care as a governor as my mum had vascular dementia. Sadly we lost mum this year, and I am committed to ensuring that patients and carers have a voice.  It can be challenging when working through a system of care, so my challenge is always from a place of experience and understanding of what a family is going through, while having the professional distance to not make this about my own journey. Learning examples of good practice and ensuring we hold the Trust to the highest standards is so important, not only for patients but for our staff.

I am not afraid to ask questions and challenge, our job as Governors is to make decisions based on information we have read and if it is not clear to gain a deeper understanding by asking difficult questions. Our role as Governors is to communicate effectively and I have a wide range of experience in communicating difficult subjects having worked in PR on campaigns like CALM, a suicide reduction campaign in the past. I have a voice and I am not afraid to use it for the wider good of the patients and staff of the Trust.


Term ends 30 April 2022

Paul Smith

I am shortly due to retire from my post as practice manager / managing partner in a medical practice in Cheshire. Being at the heart of NHS primary care for the past 20 years I have seen huge changes and I see more change coming with the advent of the Strategic Transformation Plans (STP). The proposed changes to the structure of the NHS both locally and nationally will have a huge impact on service provision in the future. We need to be prepared for these and ensure the needs of the public and patients are first and foremost in the planning process.

I have lived almost exclusively in Liverpool apart from a brief move to Manchester for work commitments. I managed Belle Vale Health Centre until 2005. I was also a trustee and past chair of Compass Merseyside; a charity providing counselling services, workplace support and a charity shop and cafe in Sefton.

I understand the increasing need for mental health services and strongly support the work of Mersey Care and its counterparts. Equally I have worked very closely with community nursing teams both in Liverpool and Cheshire. I now wish to devote my efforts to help Mersey Care in its work in the Merseyside community.

As an ‘insider’ from general practice within the NHS I feel I will be able to add my understanding of the national health perspective to help to develop our local services in both nursing and mental health services.

Term ends 30 September 2021

Mary Sutton

Having been a resident in Knowsley for over 25 years, resident in Sefton for over 30 years and working as a Registered Nurse in Liverpool for over 30 years I have an extensive knowledge of service provision for mental and physical health across the region both personally and professionally.

As an elected Mersey Care Trust NHS Foundation Trust Governor I would be part of a team linking Trust members and the organisation with responsibility to ensure that the patients/ service users are represented as Mersey Care is now providing services for both mental and physical care and striving for ‘perfect care and a just culture’.

Term ends 30 September 2021

1 member from Ribbley Valley


To be able to nominate yourself to be a Governor you must be a member of the Trust. To find out more about becoming a member of the Trust click HERE.

2 members from the rest of England and Wales

Garrick Prayogg

I have lived on the Wirral for over twenty five years, {formerly from London}, and have worked and continue to work across Liverpool City Region, now known.

In London I have worked in Lambeth, Wandsworth and Southwark all South London boroughs. I have been aware of Mersey care prior to the Trust gaining foundation status, my initial contact came when we had PCT, and how local services were funded.

My working professional life has been firmly grounded in social justice and equality. I have held equality and diversity position for a number of Las, and continue to work within equality and diversity with particular interest in the voluntary community and faith sector.

I strongly believe in the principles of equity across the board particularly for service providers. In recent years I have been drawn to the health and social care agenda, in particularly mental health services, to this end I have carried this forward and join the national campaign work lead by time to change, rethink and mind three national charities.

The campaign aims to Raising Awareness to mental health stigma and discrimination. My own cultural background is Caribbean, and I know from family and friends the difficulties people from African Caribbean background have in getting  support for mental health suffers. The mistrust and fear that black people have about services, criminal justices agencies and health services.

This is one of my main drivers to becoming a governor to help both services providers and services users and to reduce discrimination and improve access to services period. I bring a wealth of knowledge about cultural awareness and inclusion working to the trust.

I strongly believe in equity and inclusive service must be the offer to all users and potential users. I believe I can assist the trust deliver equity of service across its diverse service areas. I have a passion for fairness inclusion and social justice.

Term ends 30 September 2020

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Alex Till

Affiliated to the Trust since 2014 when I commenced my psychiatric training, I am a proud member of the team at Mersey Care and would like to strengthen the contribution I can make through election to the Council of Governors.

Witnessing first hand the incredible improvements made over recent years, the Trust’s initiative to strive for perfect care, and create a just and learning culture within the organisation, inspires me to help shape this agenda moving forward.

Combining my frontline perspective as a psychiatrist within the organisation, I would like to bring my experience as a specialist advisor with the Care Quality Commission and academic background in healthcare leadership and business through my MSc and MBA to the Council of Governors.

Working with them, drawing on this experience, I will ensure the views of members are represented and our non-executive team are held to account within the highest standards of corporate governance. This will ensure Mersey Care continues to grow and strengthen it’s position as a nationally renowned mental health trust that delivers the highest possible standards to it’s service users, workforce and local community.

Term ends 30 September 2021