Carer Governors

Carer Governors

3 carers from Liverpool, Sefton & Knowsley


George Allen

I would like to become a governor so that the experiences that I have gained as a Carer for a family member and as a member of various Mersey Care bodies and committees can be put to good positive use. As a carer I came to understand the pain, the emotional stresses and the “roadblocks” that can arise when seeking help for and supporting a service user. My experience as a carer covered the initial period when diagnosis and treatment are being defined and when a care plan is written to cover all of the known needs of the service users and their carers. Tragically, my experience included dealing with bereavement.

Through my involvement with Mersey Care I have established contacts with many of the key people involved in the organisation and have been able to use that knowledge to investigate the causes of some of the problems that arise, how to investigate the causes of those problems and to suggest ways that they may be alleviated or solved. I have been able to bring some of the results to the notice of Sefton M.B.C. and to suggest ways that Social Care may better support those who need support. 

Brian Murphy

I would like to be a Governor to enable me to make known to a wider public the changing face of mental health as exemplified by Mersey Care. As a retired head of year in a large Merseyside comprehensive school and as carer of a service user, I feel I have the experience to enable me to play a useful part in taking Mersey Care forward, especially as it approaches the momentous occasion of achieving Foundation Trust status.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to improve the public perception of mental health not only in the Mersey Care region but also nationally.

The Trust is an innovator in a number of mental health strategies and I would be proud to be associated with and help to advance these extremely worthy initiatives.

Hilary Tetlow

My name is Hilary Tetlow, a Merseyside girl born and bred, with family ties across the region. I gave up my job four years ago to care for my mum who had developed dementia; she died peacefully a year ago.

Being a carer had such an impact on my life that I wanted to use the unique perspective I had gained, my skills and experience to improve care and support for other carers on Merseyside. I wanted to speak and advocate for them at times when carers can find this most difficult.

In the last twelve months I have involved myself with carers across Merseyside and been active -

  • as a founding member of the Liverpool SURF (Service Users Reference Forum) for people with and carers of people with dementia who campaign to improve their rights.
  • setting up a local family carers group of people with dementia
  • involved in a range of patient engagement forums to influence and improve services of the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group
  • as an invitee to the working group for the National ‘tide’ carers involvement network, supported by the Department of Health
  • in raising awareness of the needs of carers at the National Dementia Congress and National Dementia Action Alliance Conferences
  • in contributing to how the Prime Ministers Challenge on Dementia implementation will be delivered

belong to the University of Liverpool Department of Psychology LExE (Liverpool Experts by Experience) Group helping to improve the quality of the Doctorate course

1 carer from the rest of England and Wales


To be able to nominate yourself to be a Governor you must be a member of the Trust. To find out more about becoming a member of the Trust click HERE.