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Staff helplines for ease of reference

Remember, if your call is urgent, and out of hours, please contact your division’s on call manager.

  • Infection Control 0151 295 3036

This would cover patient swabbing / PPE / virus advice etc.

  • Staff swabbing 0151 285 4484*

For anything regarding staff swabbing, available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

If a staff member is requesting a test but has not yet contacted the staff absence line, they will be advised to do so on 0151 472 7555. This will enable the Trust to have a full record of those who have isolated due to COVID-19 symptoms. The absence reporting team notifies the names of any staff who may potentially require testing to the staff testing team.

For staff health related queries and concerns

For help with anxiety / reassurance etc.

  • Staff Side contacts


  • Absence reporting and returning line 0151 472 7555

For all staff, with exceptions listed below, reporting absence for: carer’s leave (time off for dependents), bereavement leave, self-isolation for COVID-19, any sickness absence and returning to work following absence. Exceptions include: ward and rehabilitation staff at Ashworth Hospital, staff from Rowan View and Auden Unit and staff at Rathbone Low Secure Unit who should call the clinical support office on 0151 471 2422. Medical staff have an alternative reporting system.

  • To speak up about patient/staff safety or raising concerns call the Freedom to Speak Up Guardians: Pat Prescott on 07774 969 085, Steven Morgan on 07469 396 927, Mark Riding on 07881 002 626 or email: freedomtospeak.guardian@merseycare.nhs.uk


*For queries with staff swabbing results:

  • Staff/household members who have a home visit by our staff will be informed by Occupational Health
  • Staff members who attend Haydock or Manchester Airport should phone 0203 514 3817.