Medical Recruitment

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David Fearnley, Medical Director, Forensic Psychiatrist
“… transforming individuals – giving them an opportunity to do things they probably never thought they wanted to do.” or 0151 471 2459


Arun Chidambaram, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist
“Relationships is key for our teams working so we have to empower the teams.” or 0151 431 5152


Tomos Williams, Higher Trainee in Psychiatry
“My role currently gives me a lot of flexibility.” or 0151 250 6272

John Crosby, Lead Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist
“We’re a very close knit group of consultants within high security and we’ve a very supportive clinical leader.” or 0151 472 4502

Simon Graham, Consultant Psychiatrist

“I’ve had a lot of support from Mersey Care over the past ten years.” or 0151 250 6046

Qaiser Javed, Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist
“The Trust encourages (trainees and new consultants) to do a special interest and contribute to the successful growth of the Trust.” or 0151 529 6007


Cecil Kullu, Consultant Psychiatrist
“Working with people with severe and enduring mental illness is so rewarding, it provides a really good balance between what I would like from my work versus what I would like from my personal life.” or 0151 706 2418


Anna Richman, Consultant Psychiatrist
“You want to work somewhere where you’ve got colleagues who (provide) good support and that’s why I decided on Mersey Care.” or 0151 250 6116


Panchu Xavier, Consultant Psychiatrist
Mersey Care “ … let me do the things that I wanted to do.” or 0151 471 2210


Joe Rafferty, Chief Executive
“It’s clear that the networking opportunity is a fruitful ground for great ideas to grow.” or 0151 471 2328

Mersey Care is keen to promote medicine as a speciality amongst students and is promoting careers in medicine/psychiatry placements for students - as early as sixth form. Ben is currently studying in college and considering a career in medicine so he approached the Trust early in 2018. Guidance was produced by the Trust’s Medical Education Team around such placements, the placement was organised and Ben was supervised by Dr Williams in Southport. Following his placement, Ben wrote to thank Mersey Care “I would like to thank you for organising my placement at Southport. I was able to take part in home visits and clinic meetings as well as ward rounds. This enabled me to see first-hand how psychiatry differs from conventional medicine. The placement has helped me to gain a valuable insight into how mental health amongst the elderly and as a whole in the UK is a rapidly-growing field.”