Core Training Post


Dr Aderogba - Community Mental Health Team

Dr Anderson - Old Age Psychiatry 

Dr Chatfield - Old Age Psychiatry 

Dr Dutta - Rehabilitation Psychiatry 

Dr Durairaj - Learning Difficulties

Dr Harpin - Learning Difficulties

Doctors Krishna and Kullu - Community Mental Health Team 

Dr Kullu -Acute Care Team

Doctors McCutcheon and O'Brien - Community Mental Health Team

Dr Metcalfe - Old Age Psychiatry

Dr Shamas-ud-Din - Learning Difficulties

Dr Stevens - Early Intervention Team



Dr Munishankar - Old Age Psychiatry 

Dr Majumdar - Old Age Psychiatry 

Dr Vovnik - Time Table - Community Mental Health Team

Dr Ellory - Early Intervention Team



Dr Collins - Forensics

Dr Qurashi - Forensics

Dr Silva - Forensics


Scot Clinic

Dr McCarthy - Forensics


Dr Wesson - Acute Care Team