Board of Director Meetings

Board of Directors Meetings Agendas and Papers

As a member of the public, you are welcome to attend Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust's Board of Directors meetings.

The next meeting of the Board of Directors will take place on:

Wednesday 25 September 2019
(time to be confirmed)

Rooms 2-3
V7 Building
Kings Business Park
L34 1PJ

From this section, you can access Board of Directors agendas, minutes of meetings and supporting documents.

Due to the size of the PDF documents, sets of meeting papers may take a little longer to open.

If you are unable to open any PDF documents, you can download Adobe Reader by clicking here.

Minutes of Board of Directors meetings will be officially ratified and available following the next meeting of the Board.

2019 - Board Papers & Ratified Minutes

July 31st 2019 Board Pack

May 22nd 2019 Board Pack

March 27th 2019 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes
Revised F1 Appendix 1 item

January 30th 2019 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes 

2018 - Board Papers & Ratified Minutes 

November 28th 2018 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

September 26th 2018 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

July 25th 2018 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

June 27th 2018 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

May 30th 2018 Board Pack 
& Ratified Minutes 

May 24th 2018 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes 

March 21st 2018 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes 

February 28th 2018 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

January 31st 2018 Board Pack  & January 31 2018 Ratified Minutes 


2017 - Board Papers & Ratified Minutes

December 20th, 2017 Board Pack &  Ratified Minutes 

November 29th, 2017 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

October 25th 2017 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

September 27th 2017 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

August 30th 2017 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

July 26th 2017 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

June 28th 2017 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

May 24th 2017 Board Pack  & Ratified Minutes

April 26 2017 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

March  29th 2017 Board Pack 
 & Ratified Minutes

February 22nd 2017 Board Pack
 & Ratified Minutes

January 25th 2017 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes


2016 - Board Papers & Ratified Minutes 

November 30th 2016 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

September 28th 2016 Board Pack
 & Ratified Minutes

July 27th 2016 Board Pack
 &  Ratified Minutes

June 29th 2016 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

June 14th 2016 Board Pack  & Ratified Minutes 

May 25th 2016 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

April 27th 2016 Board Pack &  Ratified Minutes

April 20th 2016 Board Pack  & Ratified Minutes 

March 30th 2016 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

January 27th 2016 Board Pack & Ratified Minutes

If you require Board papers prior to 2016, please email the Corporate Governance Team.

Board of Directors Meeting Schedules

2019 meetings

  • 31st July 
  • 25th September
  • 27th November

times and venues to be confirmed

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