About the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the effective running of our Trust in line with set objectives and priorities. It also sets out the strategic direction of the Trust including the development of services and monitors the quality of these.

To help inform the strategic direction of the Trust, the Board also consults with the Council of Governors who represent the communities that our hospitals serve, including patients and staff. To find out more about our Council of Governors, please click HERE.

Please note – normally Mersey Care’s Public Meeting of the Board of Directors is a meeting held in public, rather than a public meeting in which the public may participate.  However in light of COVID-19 outbreak, the Trust has taken a decision to hold this meeting virtually, which will permit the Trust to implement social distancing by reducing face-to-face meetings across the Trust in favour of meetings by phone / video conferencing. 

This means that meetings will not be open to the public whilst COVID-19 arrangements are in place. 

The papers for meetings will continue to be posted on the Trust’s website and minutes of the meetings – including any question and answers to Board papers raised by members of the Board – will also be published on the website

Should you wish to ask a question about the issues addressed in any of the papers for this meeting, please address your question to the Trust Secretary (andy.meadows@merseycare.nhs.uk) and the Trust will endeavour to respond to you within 21 days.

We hope your recognise that we are doing this to help protect both our staff and members of the public by reducing the opportunities for transmission through social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The Trust will review this decision on a regular basis taking account of national guidance.  We will also investigate options for members of the public to join our meetings virtually.

Board meetings are held bi-monthly on the last Wednesday of the month and venues and times are publicised on the website.  Please click here for the Board meeting schedule. 

The Board agenda and papers will also be made available on the website a few days before the meeting takes place.  Please click here to access the agenda and papers section of the website.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by a member of the Corporate Governance Team who will explain briefly what happens in the meeting and provide you with a copy of the board agenda.

Complimentary tea and coffee will be available before the meeting begins.

Just before the meeting starts, you will be asked to take a seat in the public gallery area.

There are currently 13 voting board members with the balance of 6 Executives and 7 Non Executives.  The Trust is required by law to have a Chief Executive, Executive Director of Finance, Senior Medic and Senior Nurse sitting on the Board as executive members.  Click here to ‘meet the board’.

Q: Is there a formal order of items?

A: Yes
- a particular sequence of activities takes place.  On the copy of the agenda provided to you on the day, you will see each of the items as they are scheduled to be discussed.

The Patient Story
Each Board meeting begins with a patient/ carer or staff story.  A user of services, a carer or a member of staff is invited to come and share their story with the Board, either positive or negative.  This allows the Board to get a feel for what services are like for patients and staff and enables executive members to address any specific issues with a particular service. 

Standing Items

  • Apologies - The meeting starts with apologies for absence from members who are unable to attend.
  • Declarations of interest - this specifically relates to voting Board members who must declare an interest, particularly a financial interest, in any item that may be under discussion.  This reduces the likelihood of any conflicts of interest arising during the meeting.
  • Minutes of the previous meeting – the minutes from the last Board meeting held are considered for their accuracy and then agreed.
  • Matters Arising – any actions from the minutes of the last meeting are updated by the person responsible.
  • Chief Executive Officer’s update and Chairman’s report are provided.
  • The minutes and chair’s reports of board committees and the Council of Governors are reviewed.

    Other Items
    These are items that are discussed in the public meeting and include the Quality Report, the Care at a Glance report, the Board Assurance Framework and various other items of public interest such as the patient survey, staff survey, strategies and plans. 

    Any other business (AOB) and questions from the public
    Any other business (AOB) is a chance for Board members to raise brief matters that did not appear on the agenda.  These are generally kept to a minimum.  There is a 5 minute slot at the end of the meeting for members of the public to ask questions or raise issues specifically about items on the agenda.

    Close of the public meeting
    Once all the questions have been asked the Chair will close the public part of the meeting.  There will be a short break after which the meeting reconvenes in private.  The items that are discussed in the private part of the meeting relate to sensitive or commercially confidential information. Sometimes it is necessary for the Board to meet in private before they meet in public. There will always be short break however, to allow members of the public to join the Board before its meeting in public begins.

Board of Director Publications

More Information

Board of Director declarations

The declarations for the Board of Directors can be accessed here