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Tips: Uplifting Ideas

10 September 2018
Uplifting ideas to help you stay well and feel great

Tips: Get Gardening

10 September 2018
Gardening is proven to be good for you, but it's just as much fun visiting someone else’s.

Recipe: Caribbean Spice Pot

10 September 2018
Stay Well Feel Great Recipe - Caribbean Spice Pot
fresh food

Recipe: Spanish Chicken, Herb Roasted Potatoes and Cavolo Nero

10 September 2018
It’s the vibrancy and Mediterranean colours in this Spanish chicken dish that made it first choice for Lancashire chef Peter Gardner.
Group Walking

Tips: Staying Well

10 September 2018
Read our top tips for staying well and feeling great

Activity: Super Sing

10 September 2018
You can sing in the bath, the kitchen, in front of a mirror with a hair bush – but for the feel good factor singing in a choir beats them all!

Activity: Pole Position

10 September 2018
It’s walking…but not as we know it. We look at the benefits of Nordic walking
Life Rooms main area

Get involved: The Life Rooms

13 December 2017
Visiting the Life Rooms or joining our Recovery College can be the first step in looking at your needs, hopes and strengths and what you want to happen in the future.
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Research: Exercising in later life

07 September 2017
Exercising in later life can protect the memory and knock a decade off the age of your brain, a new study suggests.
glasses on newspaper

Activity: Beekeeping

07 September 2017