Mersey Care Recovery College at The Life Rooms

Put simply, recovery is about having and building a meaningful, satisfying and contributing life and using your strengths to become all you want to be.

Mersey Care Recovery College makes enrolling on a course as easy as possible. 

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A person’s journey of recovery is a highly individual process. It is about developing a meaningful and satisfying life regardless of a condition or diagnosis. Recovery-identifying, using and developing your skills and talents to become all you want to be and do all you want to do!

Specialist treatment like therapy and medication may be important but it is only a part of the story. Everyone's journey of recovery is individual and uniquely personal – there is no formula , but there does appear to be three things that are critical:

  • Hope– recovery is impossible without hope. Relationships are key in supporting and fostering hope. It is difficult to believe in yourself if everyone around you thinks you will never amount to very much. When you find it hard to believe in yourself and your possibilities you need others to believe in you and hold on to hope for you
  • Control – recovery involves taking back control. This may involve taking control of your life and destiny and finding purpose, meaning and direction in life, deciding what is important to you and finding new dreams and ambitions.  It may also include taking control of your own recovery and self care and working out ways of managing problems so they don’t get in the way of you pursuing your goals and deciding what help and support you need in order to pursue your ambitions
  • Opportunity– recovery is impossible without opening up opportunity for a life beyond illness.  Doing the things that give your life value such as meaningful occupation, work, and participation in community life and leisure activities.

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust has built on the success of the Life Rooms in Walton by opening another venue in Southport as a centre for learning, recovery, health and wellbeing.

Just over a year since completing the stunning restoration of the former Walton Library into a community hub and home for the Recovery College, Mersey Care has now transformed the former Living Well centre in Southport.

The refurbished building is a base for a range of life opportunities for service users, carers and the wider community challenging stigma and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

The services provided at the Life Rooms are:

  • An employment and enterprise hub to help Mersey Care service users get back to work, through volunteering opportunities and further education
  • Literacy, numeracy and IT skills provided for service users in a safe environment
  • Service users and carers will be able to get information about physical and mental wellbeing, advice on money, housing and community services
  • A library for learning and health and wellbeing
  • A children’s library area
  • Mersey Care Recovery College classrooms for people who want to come our wide range of courses and workshops (
  • Meeting spaces for community groups
  • A free IT suite for everyone to use
  • Interview areas for private one-to-one conversations enabling confidential support
  • A café
  • An open area usable for art exhibitions and cultural activities for local groups.

Recovery is about        

  • Living hopefully
  • Taking control over your problems and your life
  • Pursuing your dreams and ambitions.

Recovery involves

  • Building a new sense of self, meaning and purpose
  • Growing within and beyond what has happened to you. 

It is a journey of discovery… discovering ways of understanding and making sense of what has happened

  • you are more than your diagnosis
  • you are the expert
  • you don’t need to rely on services and professionals
  • your journey continues after services
  • your experiences are not totally negative.

You can find us at:

  • Life Rooms Walton, Evered Avenue, L9 2AF
  • Life Rooms Southport, 23-25 Scarisbrick Avenue, Southport, PR8 1NW

You can contact us on 0151 478 6556