What Is Recovery?

When you are discussing your loved one's treatment you will hear the word recovery, in the same way as you'd get better from a physical illness people recover from a mental health problem.

Asking for support is taking a step towards recovery. Everybody is different. Hopes and goals are different, so recovery plans are individual. It could be really simple – helping get people back to college or work, sort out money issues or find people who share interests. 


Recovery plans are also called a care plans – looking at needs, hopes and strengths; what you want to happen. It will help people stay safe, achieve goals and give you advice on what to do if things go wrong.


People can ask anyone to be involved in a plan – family, friends or anyone you choose. Letting others know what they want will help to help them.


The Triangle of Care – you, your carers and us 

What is Recovery in mental health?

Recovery for someone with a mental health problem, is about living hopefully, taking control over problems and pursuing dreams and ambitions. It involves building a new sense of self, meaning and purpose, growing within and beyond what has happened.

Everyone's journey of recovery is individual and uniquely personal – there is no formula for recovery, but there does appear to be three things that are critical…

  • Hope - Recovery is impossible without hope. Relationships are key in supporting and fostering hope. It is difficult to believe in yourself if everyone around you thinks you will never amount to very much. When you find it hard to believe in yourself and your possibilities you need others to believe in you and hold on to hope for you.
  • Control - Recovery involves taking back control. This may involve taking control of your life and destiny and finding purpose, meaning and direction in life, deciding what is important to you and finding new dreams and ambitions.  It may also include taking control of your own recovery and self care and working out ways of managing problems so they don’t get in the way of you pursuing your goals and deciding what help and support you need in order to pursue your ambitions.
  • Opportunity - Recovery is impossible without opening up opportunity for a life beyond illness.  Doing the things that give your life value such as meaningful occupation, work, taking part in community life and leisure activities….

Relationships are at the heart of people’s recovery and at the heart of everything we do. 

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Recovery explained

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