Infection Prevention and Control Team

Help us prevent healthcare associated infection

Carers and visitors play an important part in helping to prevent the spread of infection.

There are a number of things you can do to support us when visiting trust premises

  • Avoid visiting our sites if you yourself are (or have recently been) suffering from an infectious illness such as the flu or diarrhoea.
  • If you have been suffering from diarrhoea please do not visit until at least 48hours after your last symptoms. This is because even though you may feel better yourself you may still be infectious and could be putting our patients, staff and other visitors at risk of infection.
  • If we have an outbreak of infection on a ward there should be a notice on the front door, please avoid visiting during these times to minimise the risk of spreading the infection to yourself and others
  • Wash your hands and or use the hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the ward/area.
  • If you have any cuts, rashes or wounds please ensure these are covered during your visit.
  • Please follow any infection prevention and control signs in our buildings and do not go into any other patient rooms.
  • Wear any protective clothing, such as aprons, masks or gloves, if advised to do so by the nursing staff.
  • Avoid sitting on patient beds and discourage children from climbing on beds. Please use the chairs available.


What to do if you have any concerns about infection prevention and control

We work hard to prevent and control infection. This includes training staff and having procedures for them to follow, keeping our hospitals clean and carrying out audits and spot checks to ensure that things are being done properly.


We welcome your feedback and act on it. If you have any concerns please speak to

  • The person in charge of the ward/department
  • A matron
  • Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS) on 0151 471 2377 or 0800 328 2941 or email:
  • The Infection Prevention and Control Team on 0151 471 2635


Infection Prevention and Control Team contact details can be found here.