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Infection Prevention and Control Team

MRSA information for Patients, Relatives, Carers and Visitors - What you need to know

Clostridium difficile Information for Patients, Relatives, Carers and Visitors - What you need to know



Infection Prevention and Control Team


Helena McCourt      

Deputy Director of Nursing/ Director of Infection Prevention & Control


Dr M Rothburn                    

Infection Prevention and Control Doctor Consultant Medical Microbiologist


Jayne Bridge                       

Senior Nurse Infection Prevention and Control Team Manager


Charlie Charlton     

Infection Prevention and Control Specialist Nurse


Mary Ujoodha                                  

Infection Prevention and Control Nurse


Amanda Fairclough                       

Infection Prevention and Control Team Secretary



To contact The Infection Prevention and Control Team please Tel:


Office Tel: 0151 471 2635

Charlie Charlton Tel: 0151 471 2259

Mary Ujoodha Tel: 0151 473 2931





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Infection Control Nursing

What We Do

We are a group of specially trained nurses who provide advice and support on all matters relating to Infectious diseases within Liverpool.

As a team we give specialist advice to the public, Healthcare workers and Independent providers of healthcare as well as Mersey Care staff and services.

We provide this support and advice by undertaking/providing:

  • Infection Prevention and Control Audits
  • Managing outbreaks of infection, working closely with Environmental Health and Public Health England
  • Monitoring and surveillance of specific Infections 
  • Specialist Infection Prevention and Control Advice
  • Education Programme for Mersey Care, care home staff and other independent agencies
  • Development and review of policies and procedures
  • The team will offer advice on design of new healthcare buildings, equipment choice and decontamination
  • Implementation of Nation Patient Safety Agency Cleanliness Audit tool
  • Study days / awareness days to promote Infection Prevention and Control
  • Specific advice to patients who have been diagnosed with Hepatitis B/ Clostridium Difficile or other infections

Find Us

Our staff are based at Burlington House, North Tower, Crosby Road North, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 0QB. Their contact details are shown in the table below. The team can be contacted on 0151 295 3036.

Burlington House

Area Covered


Gavin Williams

Infection Prevention and Control Matron

Pandemic Flu

 Liverpool Service Lead

Martin Jones

Infection Prevention and Control Nurse


 Sefton Service Lead

Donna Jones 

Infection Prevention and Control Nurse


 Central Liverpool 

Ann England

Infection Prevention and Control Nurse



​Tinashe Baku

Infection Prevention and Control Nurse 
​North Liverpool 

More Information

Policies and Guidelines

You can view a number of policies and guidance relating to Infection Prevention & Control by clicking here.

Patient Information Leaflets & Fact Sheets

Patients can download general information on selected infectious disease topics from the Public Health England website below:

Sites providing infection control information

A list of websites that can be useful in relation to Infection Prevention & Control can found via the following link.

Publications and Posters

A range of publications and posters that can be used in relation to Infection Prevention & Control can be found via the following link.

Rate the Service

If you have any feedback for our services, please feel free to contact us via our Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS).