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Pressure Ulcer Reduction

Pictured are the team shortlisted for HSJ Safety Award, for the Sefton Pressure Ulcer Reminder (SPUR) Wheel.

EPUAP the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel's goal is to provide relief for persons suffering from, or at risk of, pressure ulcers, through research and the education of the public and by influencing pressure ulcer policy in all European countries towards an adequate patient centred and cost effective pressure ulcer care.

TIME TO MOVE FOR PRESSURE ULCER PREVENTION  – their video is available with different language subtitles on EPUAP Youtube Channel HERE.

Our Aims at Mersey Care:

  • Aim for zero deterioration of category 2 and 3 pressure ulcers for patients
  • Raise awareness of training for managing pressure ulcers across all wards.

How we are achieving this:

  • All pressure ulcers are reported and the duty of candour* and root cause analysis investigations begin
  • All category 3 and category 4 pressure ulcers are reviewed. There is a group which monitors themes and reports on hot spots
  • A quarterly report reviews performance and support is offered to teams
  • The Pressure Ulcer Reduction Programme has been in place since 2016 and is regularly updated when new themes are identified 
  • A review found there were various gaps identified and a Quality Practice Alert has been developed for staff.

Whilst the target of zero pressure ulcers (deterioration to category 3) has been exceeded, we are working to make sure wounds do not deteriorate.

  • Resources: Holistic assessment aide memoire will support staff in the assessment and management of pressure ulcers. This resource is to be launched to all staff as part of National Pressure Ulcer Day in November 2019
  • Technology: There is a mobile app in development that will support clinical decision making in the categorisation of wounds; SEM (sub-epidermal moisture) scanner roll out continues with positive feedback from staff and we are analysing the data to plan our next steps
  • Safety: The development of an electronic safety huddle meeting continues across three pilot sites. Initial feedback from teams is positive and changes identified are currently being implemented before this is rolled out wider
  • Skin Team Clinical Review: all category 2 pressure ulcers and deep tissue injuries are reviewed by the Skin Team within five working days. This makes sure all appropriate care and advice has been provided with the aim of preventing deterioration  
  • Risk: During discussion and decision making at 72 hour reviews we identify learning that could be shared or if a further review is needed
  • Implementation of Cheshire and Merseyside Regional Pressure Ulcer Core Policy: A regional pressure ulcer policy has been developed which the trust has contributed to.

Helping to prevent pressure ulcers information leaflet

*The professional duty of candour. Every healthcare professional must be open and honest with patients when something that goes wrong with their treatment or care causes, or has the potential to cause, harm or distress.