Our zero tolerance approach to suicide

As part of our commitment to Perfect Care and the pursuit of excellence, we have made a commitment to eliminate suicide for all those in our care. 

We are aware that there are a number of key time periods and, or situations, where people are at risk of suicide, that is during the high risk period after discharge from inpatient care. These areas will be our initial focus.

The main change to our services will include post-suicide reviews led by the Medical Director or Associate Medical Director within 72 hours. We are aiming to complete reviews within two weeks (the standard achieved by the Henry Ford Hospital system whose model we are emulating.) There will be no blame, criticism or implication of failure, but co-operation with the reviews by the teams and managers will be obligatory so we can learn and change what we do quickly.

Every service user with a history of intent or self-harm will also be given a personalised safety plan while a Safe from Suicide Team will be created as part of the new assessment and immediate care service. The team will continually monitor the highest risk service users who have either been referred to us or are already in our care and intervene rapidly and effectively to reduce risk. The intention is to model an approach that reflects real urgency associated with suicidal thoughts.

We also intend, in conjunction with our academic colleagues, to commission a world leading evaluation of the programme to ensure that our efforts are measured and tested to the highest possible degree and engage in research and development as we progress.