How Your Social Worker Can Help

All patients admitted to Ashworth Hospital have a social worker who is part of the Patient Care Team and who will remain throughout their stay and work with them towards their recovery.


Families can play a vital role in planning a patient’s care and treatment. The social worker will work with you so that you can be involved in planning care, treatment and rehabilitation, and support you with any social care needs you may have.


Before the patient arrives at Ashworth Hospital your social worker will make contact, to assess whether Ashworth Hospital is the best place for care or whether a less secure environment would be more appropriate. 


Soon after admission the social worker will visit again to provide background information about the hospital, including visiting arrangements and the patient’s rights under the Mental Health Act and.


The social worker will then work with you to build up a picture of the patient's social history and family background. They will continue to offer support throughout the patient’s stay, preparing for mental health reviews and transfer to a less secure environment or discharge.


Senior social workers follow the National Standards for the Provision of Social Care Services in the High Security Hospitals.