Admissions Service

On admission to the hospital, every patient receives an assessment focusing on mental health problems, difficulties of personality functioning, and cognitive function. 


The second part of the admission process is an assessment focusing on risk issues.  This part of the assessment aims to identify factors that are linked to any risks that the patient poses to himself and/or others.  The assessment leads to an initial formulation that will guide the patient’s psychological care pathway through the hospital.  The psychological formulation remains an on-going process through the patient’s recovery.


Ward Interventions service


This service enables the patient and their care team on the ward to have easy access to psychological care.  We offer support, guidance, supervision, assessment and therapy at ward level and provide an important contribution to the clinical team and ward based developments. 


Through the Care Programme Approach, we co-ordinate and offer a range of therapies in the most helpful patient centred manner.  Ward based staff provide psychological expertise into all multidisciplinary meetings.