Our commitment to safety, quality and compliance

We strive for openness and effective management of all risk, and we have a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to support our commitment to keeping you safe while you or someone you love is in our care.

We aspire to the very highest quality of care across our range of services, learning from the experiences of both our staff and the people who have used our services.

Our sites are inspected by independent regulatory bodies, including the Care Quality Commission, and all demonstrate a consistently high quality of care.                    

Our promise to you

No matter what role a person may have within our trust, each and everyone one of us is committed to providing the best care we can. This initiative is called Perfect Care and it’s our pledge to you and all the people and communities we serve.

To enhance safety the trust, in accordance with national guidelines investigates all serious incidents, shares full details of the findings of reviews with the service user and family and disseminates learning from incidents across the trust using a variety of methods including:

Oxford Model Events

The Oxford Model is a way of taking forward the lessons learnt from serious untoward incidents or complaints, and sharing that learning with a broader audience to identify further issues or concerns and help staff and partner organisations learn how similar events can be prevented from happening in the future.

Dare to Share programme

The aim of the Dare to Share programme is to contribute to the creation of a culture within our trust that encourages and values learning from experience. It aims to act as a catalyst to enable people to learn from adverse events so as to influence, enhance and translate what they learn into everyday practice and use it to improve they way we work.

Quality Practice Alerts

Quality Practice Alerts are a system for communicating to all trust staff important health and safety information that may impact on working procedures or have the potential to be a workplace hazard.

Newsletters to staff regarding events that have happened and actions taken to prevent them happening again.  Action plans are monitored and share with those who commission our services.

For further information email George.Shield@merseycare.nhs.uk 0151 471 2306.